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Last updated: January 24, 2019

Explain the performance management cycleThis process brings many elements together that make a practice of people management successful including learning and development in particular.

This ensures the achievement of the performance of an organization at a high level. It involves rewarding, developing, performance and planning (Aguinis, 2009).Performance management is a structural cycle which enables to progression to accomplish more people to achieve their full potential when in work. There are four main elements which are involved within the cycle and they include, planning, developing, performing and lastly reviewing.

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When using all these techniques as a whole, it can enable there to be a structured and organised management to show someone’s progress within a work-based scenario. When something is being planned in order to be completed, it can guarantee that the process will be thoroughly thought out and executed to its full potential. When instances are planned, it may show an organised performance on the individual’s behalf, it should also be able to identify requirements that challenge the individual yet also be attainable during the development process.The next stage is to develop what has been planned to accomplish, therefore meaning that the development stage should show a person’s potential and also work on improving the current skills they obtain.

The development stage manages an individual’s performance and can also identify a range of different opportunities for the individual and also provides information that can be used in order to enhance their skills. Performance is a key step within the cycle as it allows to manage the way people are known to perform in a situation. When in a work-based environment, it can be known that in order ensure that there is good management there must be skills that ensure that strengths are being shown throughout the team. They should allow those to work their best and also encourage advanced potential in order to receive a good performance. Within the performance stage, there should also be insurance that people have the resources they need in order to reach their highest potential. Lastly, the reviewing sector is moderately important when it comes to the performance cycle as it concludes the entire management process, giving people the opportunity to review their assets can be a vital part when in a working environment. They are able to see their strengths and also their weaknesses, then they are able to use the information to progress in the future.

They are able to process their achievements and then also work on upcoming goals they want to set themselves to move forward. It is of importance that the performance management cycle is used more than just an annual procedure, as it can ensure that things are being checked and people are aware of their improvements they need to make. When performing it often, it can confirm a motivated behaviour within the work force as they are constantly being voiced to improve on certain elements. It can also ensure a more structured and effective way to manage the performance process.


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