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Last updated: January 23, 2019

Explain how team members are managed when performance does not meet requirementsThe reason of managing performance is to make certain that individuals can achieve their best and perform their part in meeting the aim and goals of the team in a way that is reliable with values and culture. Therefore managing under performance is about me as a unite manager to manage any cases where this is not happening. Managing under performance is not always straightforward. However, the effects of not dealing with it can involve unreasonable to other staff. In most cases if under performance is not addressed it becomes more difficult to manage. It is important to deal effectively with any issues as soon as possible.Underperformance can be exhibited in the following ways:• unacceptable work performance, a failure to perform the duties to the standard necessary• non-cooperation with workplace policies and procedures• unacceptable behaviour in the workplace• negative behaviour that impacts on co-workers.Underperformance is not the same as misconduct.

Misconduct is very serious behaviour such as theft or assault which may warrant instant dismissal. In cases of misconduct employers should seek specific advice about how to proceed before taking any action.Using my management skills I need to identify the potential problems, I speak to the individual, investigate and gather evidence, such as documentary evidence, physical evidence or a testimony, before I can fully address it. Ability and motivation go together to impact performance, and the most successful performance improvement efforts combine strategies for improving each. This creates a helpful environment where people feel supported to reach their performance potential and feel valued, knowing that the organization wants to find a good fit for their abilities.

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For example one staff member who always arrive late for work which make a drawback to task, as well as have a negative impact for others. I arrange a meeting to discuss the issue with the staff. I highlight and explain how significant it is at St Mary’s that they come on time and how it affects the residents and other staffs when they do not turn up on time for duty.


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