Existentialist psychologist Rollo Reece May presented the idea of human existence as established in existential psychology to the United States. May describes the character as the I in the experience by the person. May considers the self as a dynamic object, fully alive with lots of potential. He tries to recognize the individual as he is and as he relates to life. May signifies a holistic tactic in psychology to appreciate human beings beneath the surface for knowing who they are. People are complex beings of the universe and can reflect, set goals, make free decisions and learn to act as a free person (Corey,2013).
May is known as a theological existentialist who has freely chosen to believe in God, to have faith that God exists and think God is virtuous. Giving May’s understanding of existential psychology, all religious conviction affirm the definitive connotation of individual purpose as an essential for the growth of mental health. These concepts led to the conclusion that religion is crucial to the development of a healthy personality.
Educationally, existential psychology indicates a mixture of philosophy and psychology. An existentialist theologian who influenced May’s existential thinking holds the belief which God is a personal experience. Existential therapy is a treatment technique that discovers how well-being begins, and how it ends. Prosperity is a favorable condition of mental health that should give us warm and sunny feelings.
In existential therapy, there is the same definite importance in Biblical belief for spiritual health. One’s connection with God is vital to mental health. May’s concept of existence is similar to one’s spiritual experience in both satisfying an evolving God. It appears that psychological health relates constructively with other people and with God. Hence, May used his concept of existence to his work on the human struggle to live in the modern world.
To be fruitful in dealing with life, we must come face to face with anxiety. Other existential therapists avoid pain in the world. Facing life’s challenges with purpose and meaning, which May called, having “true religion,” is a path of healing to enrich mental health. If we avoid pain in life, we become alienated from the world.


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