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Last updated: December 3, 2019


Mutual Funds are financial intermediaries concern with the mobilizing savings of those have surplus income and channels lavation of those avenues where there is demand of Funds. A Mutual fund is a scheme in which several people invest their money for a common financial cause. The collected money invests in the capital market and the money, which they earned, is divided based on the number of units, which they hold.
The Mutual Fund industry started in India in a small way with the UTI Act creating what was effectively a small savings division within the RBI. The advantages of Mutual Funds are professional management, diversification, economies of scale, simplicity and liquidity. The purpose of this study of performance evaluation of mutual funds is to see that these mutual funds employ the resources in such a manner as to afford for the investors combine benefits of low risk, steady returns, high liquidity and capital appreciation through diversification and expert management.
This project deals with introduction to prominence evolution of Mutual Funds, performance measuring of Mutual funds, measuring mutual funds return, risk adjustment returns, Performance measurement of different types of mutual funds using measurement techniques such as Sharpe, Treynor and Jensen index ratios and the analysis of performance.
This chapter is about the conclusion of the study and suggestions for the study.

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