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Last updated: January 27, 2019

Excess Motion refers to the movement of materials, supplies, and equipment. In the above example, why is a forklift bringing blocks of wood from one location to another location? Let’s say that in this example wood is cut into blocks in a sawing operation, then moved to a warehouse for storage, and then moved on pallets to the location where a worker loads the wood blocks into the finishing machine. Excess motion can be eliminated by having the finishing machine near the sawing operation. The wood is then cut to the right size and immediately passed to the finishing machine, eliminating the need to move it in and out of a warehouse.

The excess motion (transportation waste) of the wood has been eliminated.In an increasingly mature and complex market, Taipei Fubon Bank needed to accurately determine profit and loss data by customer and customer group so that it could lower operating costs and increase profits while maintaining its quality of service. The bank developed a customer profitability management system that provides in-depth information regarding cardholder spending patterns and profitability to build highly targeted marketing and retention programs.

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This system reduces costs by providing timely profit and loss management reports, thus speeding the marketing strategy adjustment decisions.


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