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Last updated: April 5, 2019

Everyone needs education. But should it be free? I believe that education should not be free for multiple reasons.

You may be asking, but what if they can’t afford it? Well, there are some public schools that let you go for free if you can’t afford to pay or don’t make you pay so much.I see the reasons why people believe there should be free education. reasons like people who can’t afford it will still be able to have an education if it was free.

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sure that sounds nice but we aren’t taking all things into consideration, some things like how much more debt America would be in or how Lazy people would get and those are just a few of many problems we would have if we got a free education. Lots of people believe that a higher education shouldn’t cost so much, personally, I disagree, if everyone had a high education it would turn something valuable into something not so valuable. It would make people not care so much about education. It should take hard work and some self-sacrifice. If everyone had a free education where’s the value? “If you took all the money away from everyone and gave each person a million dollars, a couple of years later the ones that were wealthy beforehand would be wealthy again and the ones that were not wealthy before would be broke again.” What I believe this means is that even if the Government spent millions and millions of dollars for free education for everyone, the number of people that are getting degrees would not increase in fact I think it would decrease because more people will start to not care, they won’t care because either themselves or their parents aren’t paying for their education.In conclusion, having a free education is a really bad idea.

It will make things worse for this country and make people less motivated. We wont gain anything but more debt.


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