Every year there are numerous accidents to employees, service users and carers from using working equipment in health and social care. Many are serious but can often be fatal. Using the right, well maintained equipment operated by qualified staff can help prevent accidents and reduce personal and financial costs and harm. All equipment especially electrical equipment should be checked regularly to see if they are in good condition and are still safe to use. It is important that there are regular checks and these are all recorded so the employees know how long it has been since it was last tested. If equipment hasn’t been check and service users/ workers are still using it, it then puts them in danger and can cause calamitous injuries. Another risk would be not being able to attend to a service users’ needs correctly. For example not having handle rails when there are stairs can cause unnecessary falls and injuries. To prevent these have regular maintenance checks by a professional company every 7 months. This will ensure no danger can occur. Also making sure before you accept or start caring for someone, you have all equipment needed and are qualified correctly.


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