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Last updated: February 18, 2019

Every Jo Malone Fragrances starts with a story. An inspiration. From the scent of limes on a Caribbean breeze to vibrant bluebells in a shaded woodland. Crafted from the highest quality ingredients by Master Perfumers, Jo Malone fragrances are titled ‘Colognes’. Exquisitely simple and refined, always with a touch of the unexpected, a characteristic of every Jo Malone London creation.CLASSICSThese colognes belong to Jo Malone London’s extensive fragrance portfolio, with many of the scents available in our bath and body care and home collections. At Jo Malone London, the colognes are categorised into six distinct families; Citrus, Fruity, Light Floral, Floral, Spicy and Woody.Jo Malone London colognes are divided into two sections- ‘Fresh’ and ‘Warm’.

Fresh Fragrances are bright, enlivening and enticing scents, encompassing the citrus, fruity and light floral families, while those that are warm are richer and more intoxicating, featuring opulent florals, spices and woods.COLOGNE INTENSEOther than the classics, Jo Malone has another type of cologne; the Cologne Intense. Cologne Intense are rich with precious ingredients.

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Inspired by ritual. Cologne Intense takes a different approach to fragrance. Seven deeply sensual scents. Each with a delicious, even dangerous edge. RARE TEAS COLLECTIONJo Malone is renowned for having unique fragrances, but what makes it even more unique is their Rare Teas Collection. Who would think of coming up with tea inspired colognes? Only Jo Malone London.

From Chines foothills to the Himalayas. Centuries of craftsmanship. Reinterpreted today. For the first time infused straight from the leaf into refined fragrances. Each one encased in the pure incandescence of its bottle.


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