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Last updated: April 10, 2019

Every coach wants their players to become the best that they possibly can. Each coach has a different way of getting their player to that point of successfulness. From hockey to soccer, to baseball to golf each coach inside of each sport has a different style of coaching. The problem is what is the best type of coaching style to use to make a team the best they can be.According to Ohio University there are three main types of coaching styles, the autocratic, democratic, and holistic.

Each have their pros and cons, and depending on the team and sport one might be better than the other. But the best type of coaching style is a mix of all three. For a coach to strive to make their players better they need to decide what is best for their team; that could mean the level the players are at, the age players are, or a combination of other variables. For each style of coaching there are some key factors on telling what would work best for a number of different teams.

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(Ohio University)According to Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of an autocratic is “relating to a ruler that has absolute power.” many people act like autocratics because it is a self centered approach mainly in governments and sometimes others leadership roles throughout the world. To start autocratic coaches are generally the ones that have input and makes the decisions autonomously when choosing the direction of their team. Autocratic coaches might explain the


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