Topic: BusinessMarketing

Last updated: November 2, 2019

Ethics are all the business practices and moral conduct that required to business to behave properly. It refers to the guidelines that are required to practices by all the individual as well as company to create a healthy environment.

Marketing team is required to behave ethically by avoiding cheating, exaggerating the cost or manipulating cost for own benefits. The market personal are required to truthful and behave with integrity to solve the problems (Gegez, 2014). If wrong and unfair practices are performed by the marketing team then it affects the reputation of the company that ultimately leads to the downfall in the goodwill of it. Marketing must be in civilized manner by removing all unethical issue that may cause harm to the customers as well as to the organization at large. Marketing need to be accurate that does not harms the sentiment of the customers by performing any wrong advertised as well as promises to them. ethical issues must be dealt seriously by all the marketing personnel as well as team as if they do not make correct judgment then no harmony may be established that ultimate hamper the growth of the society

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