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Essay title: Demonstration of tourist consumer behaviour as impacted upon by marketing and new technologies.Student number: 310063Date: 17 October 2018Unit title: marketing and Consumer BehaviourUnit code: 33MCB49001Lecturer: Ioannis EvagelouTable of Contents TOC o “1-3” h z u 1.0INTRODUCTION PAGEREF _Toc527531365 h 31.1 INTRODUCTION TO ESSAY PAGEREF _Toc527531366 h 32.0SUN CITY RESORT PAGEREF _Toc527531367 h 32.1 INTRODUCTION TO SUN CITY PAGEREF _Toc527531368 h 42.1.


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3 SUN CITY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS PAGEREF _Toc527531373 h 63.0EVALUATION PAGEREF _Toc527531374 h 74.0 CONCLUSION PAGEREF _Toc527531375 h 8APPENDICES PAGEREF _Toc527531376 h 9REFERENCES PAGEREF _Toc527531377 h 10 INTRODUCTION1.1 INTRODUCTION TO ESSAYThis essay will focus on the impact of tourist consumer behaviour based upon marketing and new technologies and evaluate how a destination may best influence potential tourists to visit and/or purchase its product and/or service. Sun City, South Africa is the tourist destination that I have chosen to work with on this essay. To have a better understanding of the key elements of the essay I will provide definitions to marketing, consumer behaviour and tourism technology. “Marketing is the managerial process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer needs profitably” (CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing) 2015). “Consumer behaviour is the study of the processes involved when individuals or groups select, purchase, use or dispose of products, services, ideas or experiences to satisfy needs and desires.

” (Solomon, Bamossy et al. 2006). “Tourism technology is the application of Information Communication Technology in the travel and tourism industry. For example, online booking, flight tracking, advertisement and promotion.” (Wikipedia (2018)). SUN CITY RESORTSourced: Sun City, Sun International2.1 INTRODUCTION TO SUN CITYHistory was made in 1979 when Sun City was opened in the North West to become the best holiday resort in South Africa, and all for good reason. Home to the Valley of Waves and sprawled along the border of the Pilanesberg National Park, Sun City Resort enjoys the fine distinction of being the only surf-and-safari destination within a two-hour drive of landlocked Johannesburg.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic stay with your partner, a fun weekend getaway with friends or a North West holiday with the whole family, Sun City Resort has it all (Sun City, Sun International 2018). 2.1.1 SUN CITY ACCOMMODATIONSun City offers a variety of six different accommodation types to suit its different customers. These different accommodation types vary on star rating, a family set up and personal space preference.

Every hotel represents its own character, style and attractions. The 6 different accommodation options include;The Palace of the Lost City, part of the Sunlux Collection.The 5-star Cascades hotel is elegant, comfortable and central to all of Sun City’s attractions.

The flamboyant 4-star Soho hotel and Casino is where all the action is.The family-friendly 3-star Cabanas hotel is located near the action-packed Waterworld Lake and children’s club Kamp Kwena.The Bush Bungalows offer simple African style décor in a comfortable and relaxing environment.The self-catering Sun Vacation Club is available on a membership or rental basis (Sun City, Sun International).2.1.

2 SUN CITY RESTAURANTS AND BARSWith Sun City customers are spoilt for choice at the wide, diverse variety of restaurants and bars to eat and/or drink at. The seven main different types of restaurants and bars offer a different ambiance that suits with different moods of each customer, i.e. luxury fine dining, family-oriented restaurants, fast food restaurants and themed restaurants.Fine dining is offered at one of Sun City’s signature restaurants: Plume, Crystal Court and The Peninsula.A fun-filled family meal at The Palm Terrace and The Sun Terrace.For amazing steaks and grills guests can visit, The Grill Room.

Thai and Chinese food can be enjoyed in Ying Tao.The finest seafood feast is at Ocean Basket and authentic Indian cuisine at The Raj.Gary Player Country Club and The Crocodile Lounge.For local cuisine, the Village Food Court and The Shebeen are the best options.Tapas platter, snacks and refreshing cocktails can be enjoyed at The Palace Pool Deck, Luma Bar & Lounge, Cherry, or The Tusk Bar and Lounge.

Coffees and a slice of cake at Coffee Moment.A romantic dinner for lovers can be enjoyed over a candlelit private dinner in The Palace Gazebo.2.

1.3 SUN CITY ACTIVITIESSun City also offers up an unconquerable variety of activities from a romantic get-away, family oriented fun activities to adrenaline-fueled adventures. Golf enthusiasts can choose from two world-class golf courses. Adrenaline junkies can get their kicks from a wide choice of adventure activities. For a more family-friendly experience, there is kids’ entertainment and activities. Sun City offers an unforgettable day at the man-made beach at Valley of Waves. Explore The Maze of the Lost City, the largest permanent maze in the Southern Hemisphere.

Wildlife lovers can discover the Big 5 on safari at the Pilanesberg Game Reserve and get up close and personal with birds of prey and crocodiles at Animal World. 2.2 SUN CITY MAIN TARGET MARKET”Target Market is a customer to which an organization wants to sell its good or service to. Target marketing involves dividing the entire market into various segments and planning marketing strategies accordingly for each segment to increase the market share” (The Economic Times 2018). The three main different markets include leisure, business and family/friends. Leisure tourists are tourists that travel simply to take a vacation from everyday life.

Business tourists are tourists that travel primarily to take part in meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions.Family/friend tourists are tourists that travel to visit family/friends in the event of a wedding, funeral etc.Sun City targets for all three different types of customers. With the different accommodation options and restaurants and bars options these customers are satisfied at their different levels. Specifically, for business tourists and family/friend tourists there are varies conference rooms and meeting rooms on the premises to host business conferences or weddings. The Sun Arena (Superbowl) is home to the annual Miss South Africa and the South African Music Awards (SAMAs).2.3 SUN CITY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMSSun City has five different social media pages that it uses to communicate with its intended target market which they keep well updated.

Due to the diversity of these social media platforms, it is convenient for Sun City because it is able to reach and communicate with all segments of its different customers. The social media platforms include;Official corporate website,Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,YouTube,Pinterest, LinkedIn,Sun City’s website is always up to date with updated events taking place at the destination and pictures of and shared stories of satisfied guests. Their Facebook is updated on a day to day basis and there is clear communication between the destination and prospective guests and satisfied/dissatisfied guests. Twitter is where they post all the experiences of guests and sell themselves to prospective customers by giving them a visual of what to expect if they visit the destination, which is updated on a regular day to day basis. Instagram is also another platform where they post pictures of guests, their accommodation, their restaurants, events that place and also promotional materials, and also communicate with their customers on a day to day basis. Their YouTube page has been updated every month for the past nine years and it may give snippets of their restaurants, activities and events. LinkedIn which is a more formal platform gives a more detail overview of the destination, the job offers they currently have and what the life at the destination is like, for example, for an employee. All these different social media platforms are up to date and all customers to get a good idea of the destination before even going there.

Source: Sun City, Sun InternationalSun City is also advertised and receives bookings and reviews on several other booking sites such as TripAdvisor,, Agoda and Expedia.Source: TripAdvisor EVALUATIONSun City has successfully applied the marketing mix: 4 Ps to their official corporate website. “The marketing mix is a mix of controllable marketing variables that the firm uses to pursue the desired level of sales in the target market.

The most common classification of these factors is the four-factor classification called the “Four Ps”-price, product, promotion, and place” (American Marketing Association 2017).Product- Sun City has utilized all its social media platforms to give a clear picture and/or example of what product/service it is they are selling. They have created products/services that match the different demographics of their different targeted customers, for example, the different accommodation options. Sun City is also able to stand out compared to its other competitors because it is the only landlocked resort that offers a 6 500 square metre man-made wave pool with that generate waves of 2 metres high.

Price- Sun City is aware of its demand on the market therefore they have managed to create a price range that can accommodate for its different customers, by providing a large range of different accommodation options and restaurant options. They have also created price packages for different types of customer groups, for example day visitors, event ticket holders and hotel guests.Promotion- They have been able to use all their social media platforms to make all their promotions and special offers known, which is beneficial to them because of the different demographics of their customers, for example teenagers are more interested in Instagram than Facebook and LinkedIn that way they are able to get their promotional material to all their intended customer base. Some of their special offers include booking early discounts, extension of stay discounts, waterworld activities specials etc.

Place- Sun City is a landlocked resort located in the North-West Province, Rustenburg, South Africa. It is a part of the Sun International Group brand which has a total of 18 resorts, luxury hotels and casinos.Due to the development of technology over the years, Sun City has done a good job at successfully utilising all its social media platforms as a means to communicate with its customers, i.e. making its product base known and providing all its promotional material, and it has become easier for customers to get access to the resort due to the development of transport.4.0 CONCLUSIONThe development of technology has benefited tourism destinations because they are able to communicate to their customers at a much cheaper cost because anyone and everyone can get access to the internet.

It is also easy for them to keep customers updated on upcoming events and special offers they will be providing for the customers. It can also be said that with the development of technology customers may have also benefited because instead of the customer having to go to the destination beforehand they already have access to it on their cell phones and computers therefore that saves the customer time and money. APPENDICES REFERENCES The Chartered Institute of Marketing- Official pdf, (2015). Accessed on 12th October 2018 Available at:

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