Topic: Culture

Last updated: May 14, 2019

eople nowadays only care about money and not others.

Even families do not care about each other as our elders did. In the 21st Century only money is concerned. There are so many cases of brothers killing each other, people murdering people etc. This world is too materialistic it is horrible. People only see your money and not your ed his Greek socioty because it was to materialist then thousands of years macavellie or whatever. His views on his socioty was the same always wanting more , always wanting what you don’t have then in the 70s everyone had to have the new station wagon or the big grill , my yard has to look the best.

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Man all the white trash people put everything on their lawn they can today is no differnt you always want what you can’t havesociety is a direct result of mankind seeking satisfaction and happiness through the addiction to obtaining objects of our outward desires. Our society has been relentlessly exposed through the media to propaganda served by a capitalistic machine convincing us that the answer to our fulfillment and ultimate happiness can be purchased. It is a sad truth, really, but is a part of a system guided by monetary control. There is nothing wrong with a hard days work in order to secure our livelihood or to experience the things in life we all enjoy, however, the machine has corrupted our culture.

Our population spends the few hours of rest we have each day glued to televisions that introduce us to the next solution to our discontentment, to our hopeless


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