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Last updated: February 6, 2019

Engineering is science regarded as an application of science and mathematic which utilizes the properties of matter and the natural sources of energy for use in the structures, machines, products, systems, develop and process.

It’s the engineer duty to determine how a manufacturing process or machine system would operate at different conditions. (Raina pg.4) 1 They are involved in research to develop new and understand existing principles and operation the use of the principle of science and mathematic field. Research engineer employed their knowledge in computer simulation for the development and prediction of airplanes performance reducing flight and wind tunnel testing. They are also involved in development by scaling of small scale laboratory experiments and using them in production facility. (Collin pg.134) 2 Engineers provide the component specifications of product and the requirement to manufacture the product through product designing in order to meet the customer needs. During product design, they often use computer design software and other computer drawing software to achieve their objectives.

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During the product design process, engineers are concerned on how to develop a cost effective process. Product testing is done by testing engineers and it involves testing of the durable and reliability of the particular product before they are delivered to the market. Testing is usually done by simulating instance and environment in which the product is to be used. Analysis the products are done by engineers by the use of computational tools together with mathematic models.

Analysis engineers perform their duty of product analysis to enrich the engineering works from design and research. Design engineers mainly use the knowledge of system characteristic such as heat transfer, fluid flow, vibrations and many others. The system engineers have the responsibility of combining the components from the design engineers with the target of making complete product. (Smith pg. 134) 3 Transforming of raw materials into complete products is responsibility of construction and manufacturing engineer. They have the responsibility of keeping record of the process and equipment and the cost low by aiding the design process in order to achieve they set objective. The operations and maintenance is carried out by engineers in order to set up and maintain the production line by employing their technical knowledge on how to deal with problem.

They are handling with responsibility of performing inspection on the facility equipment by use of certified inspection methods. (Kalpakjian pg. 1) 4 Sales engineer have got a technical background but they also handed the role of handling the interaction between the manufacturer and the customers. The engineers must have the technical knowledge of their products and the needs of their customers.

The sale engineers should be in contact with all parts of manufacturing within the institution.


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