ENG-101 Week 2 Discussion 1
ENG-101 Week 2 Discussion 1
The topic, which I chose, was “Why having a live Christmas tree is better than an artificial tree.” Some of the challenges which I faced researching this topic was explaining the difference between having a live tree and having an artificial tree since both trees are used as symbols and the importance is understanding the meaning and not on the basis of the type of tree used (Alvesson & Sandberg, 2013). In collecting information on the topic, most sources did not provide any differences between the two trees and it all depended on individual’s preference since no information is convincing enough to prove which tree is better.
Different cultures defend their use of either tree, which is hard to change their perceptions since this is based on their beliefs, which are hard to change (Alvesson ; Sandberg, 2013). Another challenge which I faced researching this topic was reliability of most online sources of information which lack important details on the authors of the information. Finding the original sources was a problem, as some of the sources had no links to the original sources. This took a lot of time and other resources in searching some of these articles to use in my topic (Alvesson ; Sandberg, 2013).
Alvesson, M., ; Sandberg, J. (2013). Constructing research questions: Doing interesting research. London: SAGE.


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