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Emotional: This is mid-life crisis for many, Love of grandchildren and pleasure from spending time with them and they also have more time to spend with each other because children have grown up so the couple can focus on themselves and spend money on themselves to.Cognitive: This is when the memory is still good but short term memory not so quick. They can still learn new things. Memory wouldn’t be quick as it used to be. E.g.

wouldn’t remember a friend’s birthday.Later Adulthood (65+ years)Physical: This is when the loss of skin elasticity, Joints stiffen, Muscle wastage, Bones more brittle, and A regular exercise pattern and good diet can help people to improve their muscle tone, maintain joint flexibility and strength their bones etc. Social: Trying of new activities and meeting new people as time is available also more time to socialize with friends.Emotional: This is the stage where loss of partner because of death, emotionally attacked to family. Cognitive: This stage declines in attention and most memory, which is part of information processing, and the increase in wisdom.2.

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1. Describe theories of human growth and development:There are many different theories of human growth and development from different perspectives. It is exploring how individuals change as they grow from birth through child and adolescence into adulthood. Psychologists separate development into different specific areas of physical, cognitive and social or emotional development. Psychology also tries to explain every aspect of development for example, how children learn to respond to emotions, how they learn to make friends and most importantly how they learn to think.The two theories I am going to talk about are: Piaget and Vygotsky On the 9 August 1896 – 16 September 1980 Piaget’s theory was developed. Piaget’s theory suggests that “children pass through a number of different life stages and that they are fixed and named sensorimotor, preoperational thinking”, According to Piaget children go through different stages of development and explore the world through their senses.

Maria Ferreiro Peteiro (2017 p.30).


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