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Last updated: March 10, 2019

Email EtiquetteEmail communications across many sectors are prominent in work delegation and data capture. It’s an intermediate document between the sender and receiver in the form of an electronic media. In most cases they act as artifacts and/or as data back-ups, for such communications set of rules to be followed especially when it is in our day to day work life. Below are a few major concepts that one should have thorough understanding while drafting an email.

Subject line: Write a clear and concise subject line that reflects the body of the email. Never send an email without a subject line.Example: Knowledge in Action Assignment – Email Etiquette.

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Proper salutation: Use proper salutation that reflects the professionalism and maturity of an individual.Body content: Use right language to convey the context to other party, avoid sarcasm and humor which sometimes might be misinterpreted by people from different culture and region.(II).Write in a positive tone by using an appropriate font and size.(III).Avoid using upper case sentences and negative words and statements and do not use exclamation points which does not translate well in the business communications.

(IV).Proofread the email for spelling and grammatical errors. Double check the attachments.(V). If the attachment is of huge size, then place it in SharePoint/any central repository and provide a link in the email to access. (VI).

Pre-empt the questions and include the response in your email to avoid multiple emails on the same subject. (VII).Conversion closure is required to let the recipient know that we are waiting for some response/no response is required.Signature: All the emails need to be included with a signature which tells who you are and how to contact you. And we can set up an automatic signature at the end of the email, with all the contact details so that recipients can easily know you.Recipient address: Add the recipient’s mail addresses once after finishing and proof reading the message which you have to convey.

There are three sections for including the recipient mail addresses.(I). To: All the recipient addresses need to type formally.(II)BCC: When emailing a group of contacts who are not known personally then we can include those contacts in BCC.(III)CC: When a group/team of people are involved in the same discussion then we need to type all the recipient addresses in the CC field which makes that everyone is on the same page.

(IV).When replying all you need to cross check whether the response which you are sending need to be conveyed to all or not.Right now in the real world we have other etiquettes like Mobile, Social Media and Video Chat.When it comes to Mobile Etiquette we have certain limitations in using this at the workplace. We do not need to have Cam mobiles while we are working in some banking related projects.

And we should not receive or make any calls while we are in meetings. And we should not answer any unimportant calls while we are at workplace.When it comes to Social Media Etiquette such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn while posting or speaking about the business related details you need to be more cautious and it is not recommended to use for official discussions related to project or clients. When it comes to Video Chat Etiquette we have Skype service which enables us to have conference calls and meetings with the peers and clients around the world.

But it will have technical problems during a chat due to the connectivity problems, webcam and software. It is unprofessional to have video calls in the busy environment such as on roads, shopping malls and hotels.Sending an email is reliable, cheap and safer. If things are going out of control in emails, it is always recommended to give a call and sort out the situation.Name: Vasunder ReddyStudent Id: Vkukkala3150Student Number: 8383150Email Address: [email protected]


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