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Last updated: January 5, 2020

Electricity supply is one of the major problems in India and rural areas suffer a lot. Living in the city where the electricity supply is somewhat uninterrupted, we have a chance to save bit of it that can be distributed to the starving rural areas.
My school opened a physical computing lab during my eleventh grade, I enrolled myself in the Physical Computing Club. Its activities helped me to learn the significance of physical computing, the potential of integrating computers with sensors, and the vast scope of problems that can be solved using it. I started developing projects using basic Arduino circuits and sensors.
I determined to solve the electricity problem in India as a project in Physical Computing Club. I organized a team of enthusiasts to work on this project, which we named “E-lluminati”. Observing my work, teachers selected me – among eight sections of senior secondary classes – to represent my school in competitions ranging from inter-school to international. The triumphs at these competitions augmented my ambition to become a solution provider to the problems that persist in this world such as: Climate change, Poverty, Governance, High Power demands, Health Security etc., using Science and technology.


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