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Last updated: February 20, 2019

Electricity is that enigmatic force without which modern life is not possible. Of all the inventions created by science, electricity has been most remarkable and helpful one. It is indispensable for contemporary man.It itself isn’t adequate for growing the economy, however it is undeniably essential. It’s out of question for factories, businesses, and homes to work without electricity. Access to electricity is very crucial not only to human but also for the worlds development. It is vital for jobs and development of technology. However, with great power comes an even greater electricity bill.

Solar panels have already been operated in many parts of the world. All we need is its full utilisation to be made possible now. It uses the same logic that we have been studying since ages of placing any object under a convex lens in the sunlight can cause the object under the lens to heat up. Concentrating light toward solar panels can help solve the energy crisis. By the process called photovoltaic effect, light photons are converted into electricity which further converts sunlight into solar power. The panels use multiple layers of semi-conducting material, mainly silicon. It can be an abundant source of electricity in areas where there is a major electricity problem.

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The major advantages of using a solar panel at homes can be:1. High Savings 2. Renewable Energy Source 3.

Energy Benefits 4. Low carbon footprint 5. Easy to maintain 6. Easy replacement 7. Long Life Span 8. A Silent System Just like a coin has two sides, with advantages, comes the disadvantages too which cannot be overshadowed. These are:1.

High Installation Cost2. Absorbs sunlight during the day 3. Requires large space4.

Hidden Pollutants can damage5. Location So, let’s put the sun into work for a clean way to energyWith the growing effects of global warming, environmental conservation has become a main concern. Additionally, the rising costs of energy products is on the upsurge, thus switching to greener forms of energy that still allow you to meet the energy requirements for your home is a crucial step towards protecting our environment from further threats.


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