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Last updated: January 30, 2019

Electric Battery Name Institutional Affiliation Electric Battery The only existing source of electricity until late 1790s that could be experimented was static electric charges which was produced by rubbing either Amber or glass with a nylon cloth.

Although the electric charges could be stored in Leyden jar it was not easy to do a further study since it was quickly discharging. It was until 1799 when Alessandro Volta came up with an electric battery which was known as a voltaic cell or pile (Dibner, 1954). The voltaic cell is made by immersing two different metal plates into a chemical solution. This discovery borrows the ideas of Voltas acquaintance Luigi Galvani the anatomist who in 1791 realized that he could make the legs of a lifeless frog to twitch just by touching them with a metal probe and deduced that the metal was conveying fluid from the nerve to the muscle. Volta upon recalling an incidence in past where he placed coins of different metals, one under the tongue and the other on the tongue then connected them with a wire the coins tested salty.

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From the two phenomena, he realized that current flow when two deferent, physically connected metals are placed on any wet surface. In 1799 Volta built a stack consisting of silver and zinc alternated and separated by cardboard layers soaked in salty water (brine). This provided a continuous supply of current from a controlled source which allowed numerous practical application such us electroplating and telegraph.

The electrical current theory was introduced by him and also observed electricity separating water into its part of oxygen and hydrogen. The world named the units of electrical potential-Volt in of honor of him. References Dibner,B. (1954).

Ten founding fathers of the electrical science IV. Alessandro Volta. Electrical Engineering, 73(7), 600-601. doi10.

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