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Last updated: April 30, 2019

egg a reproductive cell within the female; ovum. embryo an organism in its earliest stage or stages of development and in a rudimentary or early form. fertilize to cause the fertilization of.

infertile of a human or animal, not able to reproduce. inseminate (insemination) to place sperm in the womb of (a female), especially for reproduction. pregnant of a woman or other female mammal, bearing one or more developing fetuses in the womb. religion a set of beliefs concerned with explaining the origins and purposes of the universe, usually involving belief in a supernatural creator and offering guidance in ethics and morals.Belief in religion helped the people to endure their suffering. reproduction the process by which new plants or animals of the same kind are created.Reproduction is necessary for a species to survive.

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spermthe fluid carrier of such cells; semen. uterus the muscular organ of a female mammal in which the fertilized ovum is held and develops before birth; womb.


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