Efficiency and productivity are the two qualities that are increasingly establishing their dominance as keywords by companies to market their products. The real selling point is the fact that their product can increase productivity i.e. multitask better than their competition is to be noted. An essential factor to increase productivity of day-to-day life is in effective time management. The best time management strategies involve being able to find time where there was no time before. One factor that has made time management possible is the integration of technology into people’s daily lives. The use of products such as tablets, PCs, and smartphones have given people access to the tools needed to be productive.
The idea for our project, a touch-free mirror maximizing time efficiency also called as smart mirror or magic mirror, is based on the principle that technology should mold to the user’s schedule, not the other way around. This project aims to effectively manage time by seamlessly integrating technology into people’s lives by putting it where everyone’s routine eventually collides, in front of a mirror. The main aim of smart mirror is to save time by increasing the user’s productivity spent in front of a mirror. A relatively easy and near effortless experience is provided by the smart mirror which allows the user to just walk in front and be greeted with an assortment of information all at one place, thereby saving time and minimizing the need for another device.
Despite the fact that this information can be found on the user’s other devices, it’s the time saving convenience of having all this information available at the same place and at the same time gives this project an edge over the other regular devices.


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