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Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to my lecturer Madam Haryati Binti Ariffin and to my fellow friends. My name is Nor Atirah Binti Ahmad @ Amir. Today I would like to present about Traditional Attire. As we know, Malaysia has various races and every race has their own traditional clothes. Malays are found in various states where each state displays different traditional attire. In general, all Malays wear baju kurung as traditional attire. Only the design and cut of baju kurung is quite different according to each state.
So basically baju kurung is one of the traditional attire and it came from the state of Johor. This dress is the traditional costume of Malay women. According to the history, baju kurung is said to exist about two hundred years ago and being said to be the creative result of Sultan Abu Bakar, the Sultan of Johor in 1866. In addition, there is also a story that baju kurung has existed since the time of the Malay Sultanate of Melaka. The baju kurung worn by the women in Melaka at that time. Basically, baju kurung is now the official dress of the Malaysian government worn by staff in government departments as well as private employees. On top of that, baju kurung also used as attire for primary and secondary students because of the proper design and cut.
Other than baju kurung, we also have kebaya Selangor. The origins of kebaya cannot be said with absolute certainty. The loose-fitting kebaya is seen to be very popular amongst the people that stay along the northen coastal regions such as Selangor, Perak, Kedah and a few other states. Within the context of Malay territory, it is also worn in Northern Sumatra, Minangkabau, Java and Brunei. There have been several documented instances of the kebaya being worn at the start of the 19th century. The kebaya that is mentioned in the findings consists of a long jacket worn with sarong and is commonly seen during wedding ceremonies and daily activities. The kebaya Selangor is characterized as having four pleats at the front, loose, long past the knees and is adorned with a brooch and it is a testament to the creativity of the Malay goldsmiths. The kebaya Selangor is loose, not unlike the traditional baju kurung but it’s defining feature is the slit running down the front of it. It usually paired with sarong that worn facing the front.

As time goes by, baju kurung or any traditional attire are rarely worn by new generations nowadays. So basically baju kurung is added in terms of its jewellery to increase its elegance. Most of the baju kurung is made of soft and delicate silk fabrics. Today ‘s baju kurung are added with bead and embroidered with gold threat for the accessories . In addition, various colour motive are also used to make patterns in baju kurung. This will make new generations become more attractive towards baju kurung and will wear it during their daily lives. Despite the modernization of the baju kurung, hopefully the originality of baju kurung will not fade like tak lapuk dek hujan, tak lekang dek panas.

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