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Last updated: January 31, 2019

Effect of Laser Irradiation on Cell Cycle and Mitosis Monireh Ganjali 1, Alexander M. Seifalian 2, Masoud Mozafari 1, 1 Bioengineering Research Group, Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Department, Materials and Energy Research Center (MERC), P.O. Box 14155-4777, Tehran, Iran 2 Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine Centre (Ltd), The London BioScience Innovation Centre, London, UK Corresponding author Tel. 98 912 6490679 fax 98 263 6280034×477. Email HYPERLINK [email protected] o [email protected] [email protected] Abstract Background In this research, He-Ne laser irradiation with low-intensity effects on monkey kidney cells mitosis (vero cell line) have been studied. Results The results showed that low-intensity laser irradiation in the range of visible red could make meaningful changes in the cell division process (the mitosis activity). These changes depend on the power density, exposure time, the presence of a magnetic field, and the duration of time after exposure termination. The stimulatory effects on the cell division within the power density of 1-6 mW/(cm2) and exposure time in the range of 1-10 min has been studied. It is demonstrated that the increase in these parameters (power density and exposure time) leads to destructing the cell division process. Conclusions The results are useful to identify the molecular mechanisms caused by low-intensity laser effects on the biological activities of the cells. Thus, this study helps to optimize medical laser technology as well as achieving information on the therapeutic effects of low-intensity lasers. Keywords Low-intensity laser irradiation Power density Mitosis activity Laser therapy 1. Introduction During the last decade, a number of researchers demonstrated that laser radiation could influence specific physical factors in animal and human cells, tissues, organs, and human organism 9,10. These factors may lead to changes in metabolism activity of major enzymes, permeability of cellular membranes, accelerate tissues synthesis, DNA, RNA, cell division, regeneration tissues, reparations of the genetic damages, and immune systems 11-13. Yet, despite of numerous works on low-intensity laser radiation influence on various biological structures of organism, questions about the primary mechanism of photophysical processes which define the biological and therapeutic actions of these specific physical factors, has still remained subject of discussions 14-18. But the essential mechanism of photophysical process of low-intensity laser radiation on biological and therapeutic actions structures of organism isnt clear 14-18. To answer such questions, it is necessary to set updifferent cellular systems, which low-intensity laser irradiation can affect the activity for a specific function. In this research, changes in mitotic activity of monolayer cellscaused by low-intensity laser parameters such as power density, and exposure time has been studied.The results of this study help to specify the photophysical mechanism in biological activity and the therapeutic effects of low-intensity laser irradiation. Consequently, this research will lead to the optimization of laser medical technology. 2. Materials and Methods EMBED Origin50.Graph Fig. 5. Dependence of the mitotic index (percentage ofcontrol) on duration of time after exposure. 4. Discussion Taking together, the present study by providing valuable information on the use of laser for cell cycle and mitosis manipulation could suggest further developments in the clinical applications of laser for potential use in cancer therapy and regenerative medicine. Although there are some wake signals toward the successful use of laser for medical applications, further studies and developments are needed prior to considerations for daily clinical applications, since the observed cellular manipulations should be first fully controlled and predicted and then applied to humans. 4. Conclusion In this research, quantity experiments have been performed on the effect of laser irradiation on vero cell lines using a He-Ne laser. The obtained results indicate that enhanced mitosis activity cells vary under the induction of a constant magnetic field and with changes in exposure conditions of lowintensity HeNe laser (power density, time exposure, and duration of time after termination of irradiation). The outcome of this study can be used for optimization of the molecular activity caused by low-intensity laser on the biological activities of the cells. 5. References 1 ShigehikoY, A novel low-power laser-mediated transfer of foreign molecules into cells. 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Nature. 2013 494 125-129. 25 Hillenkamp F. Lasers in biology and medicine. Springer Science Business Media, 2013. 26 Parvin P, Dehghanpour HR, Moghadam MS, and Daneshafrooz V. Validity of reciprocity rule on mouse skin thermal damage due to CO2 laser irradiation. Optics and Spectroscopy. 2013115 147-154. 27 Wang X, Zgadzaj R, Fazel N, et al. Quasi-monoenergetic laser-plasma acceleration of electrons to 2 GeV. Nature communications. 20134 1-9. PAGE 13 V46nI6d83OEP1 (/
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