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Last updated: March 1, 2019

Educational, institutional and community settings working with children and young people should establish and maintain a safe environment at all times. Through protection policies and procedures for safeguarding children and adolescents, every setting working with vulnerable people have indeed an important role in the detection and prevention of abuse and neglect. In fact, according to the Children Act 1989, it is carers’ and practitioners’ responsibility to put the welfare of children in their care first.
Safeguarding children and young people is crucial because without this protection, their health, development and future could be negatively affected. In fact, they could withdraw from their families and peers and this could ultimately affect them emotionally and developmentally. Children and young people are unable to protect themselves alone and are more vulnerable to abuse and neglects than adults are. Consequently, it is practitioners’ duty to protect them from physical, emotional, sexual and verbal abuse as well as from neglect. All children need to feel safe and secure and should be mentored by adults they can trust. For this reason, it is extremely important that the correct people, whether they are full time or part time employees and volunteers are given DBS and police checks.


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