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Last updated: April 7, 2019

Education is much more than children sitting in classrooms, acquiring skills that can be objectively tested. Both the inputs to, and the outputs from, education are far more complex than much of the usual international discourse suggests. As much as the government works hard enough to promote education, there are still different types of factors that have an impact on the ability of learners to function adequately at schools.1. Poverty
Poverty is an economical condition but also a lack to educational opportunities. Children living in poverty. Research shows that African learners performs lower and mostly in Mathematics and reading skills (Timaeus et al, 2011).
2. Neighborhood issues
Majority of learners attending underperforming schools grow up in poor communities. They lack economic hubs, sports facilities to strengthen their learning skills. The environment is not secured enough for learners because they are affected by issues such as violence and crime


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