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Last updated: April 10, 2019

Ecosystems are geographic areas that hold plants, animals, and other important ecosystems.

In ecosystems weather and landscape work together to form a life for all things that live there. Ecosystems may contain biotic, living, or abiotic parts. Biotic features include many organisms like plants and other animals.One time Yellowstone National Park had wolves but they took them away because they hunted nonstop. They brought them back in 1995, and just what happened… When the wolves were not in Yellowstone, the elk, moose, (and other deer-like species) were populating too much.

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The numbers of the elk increased a lot, and they grazed all the fresh green grass and vegetation that was in the National Park. All the birds like eagles and Falcons left, the bears, the small rodents and the badgers were in small numbers. But when they brought the wolves back… The wolves killed some elk and they populated in much smaller groups, and the wolves prey changed their behavior patterns. And then, the birds, the bears, beavers, and badgers returned to their duties in the park.

The birds like, eagles, and falcons came to feed on the carcasses that the wolves left. Same with the bears too, but the bears mainly ate the berries that grew upon the trees. Many animals avoided the valleys and gorges to avoid being hunted.

The bald eagles paid a visit to the leftover carcasses the wolves left. The beavers built dams to have homes, and the fresh trees gave them something to munch on. To add a result to this, the areas began to regenerate, and the small rodents came back to forge for food. Plants once again grew and thrived by the rivers, and erosion decreased more tidily. The rivers changed course too. And the whole Yellowstone National Park changed completely only because of a small population of wolves. But wolves thrived too.

People hunted and pelted many organisms of “Canis Lupis”. They hunted Mexican grey wolves down to the last one hundred, and grey wolves from Wyoming, Michigan, and Minnesota. And people get dragged into the courtroom to settle these rude interruptions to the animal’s life. And people destroy their habitats by cutting down trees and making small gardens. But still, wolves are wonderful creatures and they should be treated like them.


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