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Last updated: February 22, 2019

Easy access to healthcare services is important for having a better health. This should include basic package of primary health care services including antenatal care and vaccination in addition to emergency ones.

Along with what is stated by the Healthy People 2020(16), guaranteeing accessibility to health care services is crucial for: • Improving the general physical, social, and mental wellbeing• Disease Prevention • Better management (including early detection and treatment of diseases)• Better quality of life• Decrease mortality rates.• Improving life expectancyIn the present study, the main cause for attending the study health care centers was found to be the closest distance to homes. While only a small percentage of the study group did choose the health care center for its good reputation and care. The result is closely similar to a study done in Matale district of Sri Lanka in 1999. Of which, out of the 1833 people who sought care at a medical facility, 1567 (85.49%) were found to attend the closest health facility within the same district they live calculating the Cronbach’s coefficient value in the present study, it was clear that patient’s assurance had the highest level of satisfaction compared to the lowest reported for the general appearance.

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In a cross sectional study done to discover the factors affecting patient Satisfaction in Primary Healthcare Centers in 2013 in Saudi Arabia(1), a similar approach to the present study was conducted using six satisfactory dimensions in addition to measuring Cronbach’s alpha factor for reliability of the selected satisfactory dimensions.


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