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Last updated: April 1, 2019

Early Civil Rights Leader, Booker T. Washington, delivered a speech titled The Atlanta Compromise. The speech was so powerful that on a hot summer day in September of 1895, Washington convinced an all white audience to listen. His purpose was to encourage the Southern White Landowner to assist the negro people. They wanted to have a man’s chance.

He adopted a friendly spirit towards the southern white audience, and he hoped the southern whites would hear his plea. Washington’s delivery of the speech suggested that the Negro should not agitate the southern white landowners for social and political equality; rather, in return for the opportunity to develop , he should humble himself. It was the hope of the author that the Southern White landowner would allow and assist the former slaves in becoming a little bit self sufficient and realize that to do so would be advantageous to the South.

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Washington began his speech by establishing what he wanted to see for the negros. Washington told the southern white audience that he would encourage the negros to become proficient in agriculture, mechanics, commerce, and domestic service, and to encourage them to “dignify and glorify common labour.”


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