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Last updated: April 16, 2019

E-sports, which is formally well-known by many similar names like eSports, electronic sports, games online , is a type of video games’ contest. “Esports is digital, so it shouldn’t surprise anybody that it’s global and increasingly complicated” (Unikrn, 2015).Not even sponsors, players are global but also its fame and calibre; therefore, E-sports is reasonably considered as a ‘victim’ of globalization. According to a book of Gary, Robert, Ray, globalization is a general term to depict the rapid progress of multi-continental integration fields such as economic, social and political, and it overcomes the limit of separation by geographic or nationality. The point given by globalization is how to perceive its pros and cons as also maximize the way that benefits our life.

This thesis will firstly take a closer look at globalization’s drawbacks and secondly, suggest any possible solutions to make this term positive.Indeed, games such as League of Legends (LOL), Starcraft, DOTA2 receive substantial assistance worldwide. Furthermore, it is easy to recognize that many countries all over the world are extremely impassioned these ones. Promoting is an indispensable deed, and most of games get benefits from it, which later contribute mostly for a huge tournaments’ reward given to teams or players.

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One of owners of an eSports team – Arhancet, frankly want to make his players gain as much income as they could without any personal investments ; to do this, you have to play better and have a greater mental toward your teammates and even other players, and this lead to a concern of rising in number of drug abusers for a better performance (Carr, 08 April 2016).Up to now, many eSports players in different regions have been caught red-handed for using amphetamines, which help players to play longer, better and react faster .The controversy of whether both substances and users are banned in eSports or not, is lasting, but the only things left on drug notoriety is a bad image for the team and also eSports community.Beside the social evils, culture and tradition are the next fields to be affected heavily by globalization. Globalization, certainly, cause overestimate on modern aspects ,and the consequence of overlooking to traditional culture is inevitable.

As we all know, each country, especially Asian countries, has lots of accustomed games. However, children nowadays aren’t used to these ones anymore. Their pastime is fulfilled with games online, and they play it every day. Gradually, the word traditional games won’t last forever as well as cultural variety and identity in many countries. In the end, no significant differences in culture between countries are available, there will only be the dominant spreading of America and Western culture for their superior development (System, University of Arkansas, 2016).

Whatsoever, globalization, in fact, opens big opportunities to eSports that we should mention about. eSports was initially broadcasted live in 2014 on the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) –a TV channel, which has never broadcasted an online game before. Thanks to the international channels after that, the viewing time of eSports has overtaken that of National Football League (NFL)


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