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Last updated: April 22, 2019

E-Marketing:It’s the process of planning, executing, distributing, promoting, and pricing of goods or services through electronic marketing (online marketing) such as World Wide Web, to achieve customer satisfaction for their demands, and also it provides customers with more comforts and to have more prices choices and quality from the same product, and it allows the companies to reduce their operating costs. E-Marketing also includes marketing through wireless media and e-mail. The companies can connect to their customers via technologies.This also known as Internet, Digital, and web marketing. The advantages of E-marketing:1) Comfortable and quick service.

2) Lower operational cost.3) Diversification of advertising and marketing.4) Saving and efficiency of time.5) Marketing works for 24/76) Worldwide Marketing.

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The disadvantages of E-marketing:1) Totally depending on technology.2) Security problems.3) Prices war of competitors globally.4) Worldwide competitors. The main E-marketing activities:It’s depending on objectives, products of the company, and types and target market.

Methods of E-marketing plan: -Social Media. -Mobile Application. -Newsletters.

-Search engine optimization. -Video. -Email. -Paid advertising (paid per click, ads, and banners). -Blogs and PR wire services. *Baker Hughes is one of the companies that is using (applying) E-marketing.

Baker Hughes is an American industrial service company; it is one of the world’s largest oil field services companies. It operates in over 90 countries, providing the oil and gas industry with products and services for oil drilling, formation evaluation, completion, production and reservoir consulting. Baker Hughes has its headquarters in the America Tower in the American General Center in near town, Houston. Baker Hughes is applying E-marketing, company believes that e-marketing widen its name which accordingly increase the investors also to catch more customers of oil companiesBaker Hughes has one of the best website on the world as it has all the technologies and services they deliver that customer and investors really need.Baker Hughes Company uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages to publish new services and new technologies invented by its own on it to let the customers also the investors understand the service they deliver on social media.Also, they uses YouTube website to advertise about their technologies and how their equipment’s and tools being used and operated by uploading animated videos.The company uses paid advertising “pay per click” when internet users click on the ad or banner it costs the company per click it’s very effective and efficient way of advertising also the company would know how much users clicked their ads.One of the most effective way of E-marketing for baker Hughes is a direct E-mail campaign by emailing the companies and investors companies.Even more the company developed a game existed on apple and play stores for smart phones leading to advertising about their technologies.


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