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Last updated: February 24, 2019

e and productive relationship with families.
My goal is to create an environment that responsive and cooperative with the children and families. I believe that positive, cooperative communication with the families that support to build a strong relationship. I did volunteer work at my son’s school that I perceived family is an important part of the school. I will display the classroom that looks warm, welcoming and friendly to the children and families. I love to create a family tree with children to make them feel comfortable, and my goal is to work with families throughout the year to set the goals for children’s development. I will help families to have access to the resources, daily go home folder, weekly newsletters, and mail. I will encourage them to visit throughout the day to school and respect the families with dignity. I will commit to school, families, and staff to establish a positive relationship with all. Also, I will create an environment that parents understand how the school works throughout the day. I will send weekly menus, newsletters, daily teacher-parent communication folder. Also, I will post the menus, news to read for parents when they come to pick or drop and communicate with them if they have any concern. I will encourage them to involve in volunteer work to class like mystery reader, help with artwork and field trips. I will conduct the meeting and discuss with parents about their child’s development, and what they think about their child’s development, also I will ask how they are doing at home. That’s the way I will get to know about their child ‘s likes, dislike, strengths, and needs. I will also ensure that if they have any concern, I will do best to help with their concern.


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