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Last updated: November 16, 2019

During a long time, we have been listening about global warming nevertheless; a large number of the population does not know the definition of planetary boundaries. We have to define and respect the planetary limits that define a “safe operating space” for all human beings and this concept identifies nine of the changes in the environment caused by our specie, those changes called “planetary boundaries” include the Stratospheric ozone depletion, loss of biosphere integrity, chemical pollution, climate Change, acidification on the ocean, freshwater consumption, land system change, when nitrogen and phosphorus flows to the biosphere and oceans and finally the atmospheric aerosol loading.

In this essay my intention is encourage the care of the planet and propose some possible solutions in an ethical and responsible way to these alarming changes that are currently happening. Saving and caring for our planet is everyone’s job, so I can affirm that if every human being worked to have an environment with less pollution, life on the planet would be healthierTo begin with, it is important to know the consequences in the planet if each one of these 9 anomalies were crossed. First, the after-effects of stratospheric ozone depletion; the excessive emission of ozone-depleting substances (like chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs).) damages the ozone layer in the stratosphere, allowing the passage of a higher amount of UV radiation to the earth’s surface, causing a lot of diseases (like skin cancer). Second, the Loss of biosphere integrity; One of the main problems that exists when a species is in danger of extinction or is extinct is that all its habitat is affected because this species was part of a “food chain” and when this one is absent, all the species involved in that food chain will suffer modifications.Then, Chemical pollution and the release of novel entities; was created by humans and it include the emission of toxic substances (like radioactive materials) which have not reversible effects.

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After that, the Climate Change; it is very obviously that the weather has been changing in an exaggerated way and Which have been causing a lot of consequences like: accelerated melting of the Greenland and West Antarctic ice sheets, sea level rise, deaths in some animals because the increment and decrease of the temperatures in their habitats and even to humans those temperature changes are very dangerous because our body just support 40 º. Later, the Ocean acidification effects; because the C02 emitted by humans, the ocean have been suffering some changes like chemical alteration, decrease of pH and its acidity makes hard to some species (plankton, shellfish, etc.) to survive. Also, the Land system change is part of the planetary boundaries; it means all the land in existence is use by humans to meet their needs and various consequence of this action are the impact on water flows, the biodiversity reduction and in the biogeochemical cycling alteration of important elements. Then, the effects of Freshwater consumption and the global hydrological cycle; the freshwater cycle have been very affected because the weather change and a consequence of it is that the water is starting to be scarce, which affect to every living being In the world because we all need water for our survival. Next, how the nitrogen and phosphorus flows to the biosphere and oceans is affecting; the chemical structure changes of those elements are the repercussion of human actions and as a result some nitrogen and phosphorus residues can end up in the ocean. Finally, Atmospheric aerosol loading; it refers to the pollution caused by aerosol`s and a few effects of this artefact is the increase of solar radiation and cloud formation.

We can see the limits as a “warning” that if they are overcome, there will be an imprecise chaos, which will gradually lead us to extinction or we will have a very poor quality of life. All choices in our daily life have the opportunity to become a change and make a difference so we need to have faith that humanity will take charge in not continuing with this exaggerated pollution. It is very sad that several limits have been crossed, because apart from harming ourselves, we are harming to other species that have the misfortune to habit the same planet as us; in the same way we are harming the future generations since we are leaving a very difficult legacy with which to load and although some limits have already been crossed, it is important to keep them under control, it means that the damage cannot continue increasing.Few of the possible solutions is to respect all the limits stablished to avoid the several damage that our planet would suffer if this damage still increase and doing actions that can reduce the pollution in the world, like using transport or bikes so we can reduce harmful emissions to our air, start recycling (process in which the waste is transformed to be used again) to save large quantities of non-renewable natural resources or the intelligent use of water use because if you avoid using it in excess and try to use only a necessary amount, the effects will be amazing and very benefactor because by doing the above, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, which stops the passage of UV rays (these rays bring consequences such as the increase in temperature, elevation of the water level which causes floods and finally, the affectation of the ecosystems which forces all living beings to adapt to the new environment.)The Planetary boundaries topic can be relationated to the ethic because it seeks to inform people to do a common good (to have a better quality of life), without causing harm to anyone.

In my opinion, people need to be made aware of the importance of caring for the environment and the terrible consequences that could be caused by doing otherwise and I can confirm my thesis that if every human being worked to have an environment with less pollution, life on the planet would be healthier.


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