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Last updated: February 6, 2019

DUCTION: Today’s market has been changed buying through network i.e., e-marketing. E-Marketing is the use of digital channels to promote many market products and services to the customers and business people. The term ‘Digital Marketing’ (i.e.

e-marketing) was first used in the 1990s. In 2000 and in 2010, e-marketing became more sophisticated as an effective way to create a good relationship with the consumers and customers also enjoyed a lot buying through e-marketing. Our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi focused more and more on the digitalization process in our country o that by using the latest technology people of India will enhance their standard of living and they will be connected to the global world. In this paper we are focusing on the matters that how to create a awareness about e-marketing in rural areas.OBJECTIVES: The main key objective of e-marketing is as follows:o Promote our brand image of the company, building more and more prospective customers, increasing the sale of goods and doing services by adopting various e-marketing techniques which are available in the today’s world.

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o It has been started with the aim to make India totally digital so that the various companies will focus on e-marketing for the marketing of their products.o Describe the characteristic and importance of e-marketing.o Determine the factors which contribute to the success of the rural brand in India.o Evaluate the factors that influence the brand awareness.o Knowing the rural branding and to analyse the present promotion strategy for a new brands in rural areas.o Increasing brand awareness through e-marketing so that people in rural areas will buy the products. NEED FOR THE STUDY: Major income is from agriculture only. Nearly 60% of the rural income is from agriculture.

Hence more people live in rural areas only. So we have to create awareness among them about the product buying through e-marketing. There is a need to create awareness because technology is developing day by day, according to that people should develop themselves i.e. buying products through online. As green revolution is increasing, rural area people are consuming a large quantity of industrial and urban manufactured products.

Rural consumers have diverse socioeconomic backwardness. This is different in different parts of the country.SCOPE FOR THE STUDY: E-Marketing has global applicability. It covers almost all types of business namely agricultural, industrial, medical tourism, governance, education and so on. The main scope of e-marketing includes covering the various aspects as enabled by website, create virtual shops, creating customer date bank, provide for business-to-business exchange of data, contacting customers by e-mail or fax, use business-to-business buying and selling, defines all barriers of time and space.

Modern electronic commerce typically uses the World Wide Web although it may also use other technologies such as e-mail.ADVANTAGES OF E-MARKETING: The advantages of e-marketing are as follows:COST EFFECTIVENESS: One of the key benefits of e-marketing for businesses is the relatively low costs involved. With reference reaching recipients quickly, businesses can announce one-day sales that would otherwise be impossible with slower media channels, or simply maintain more frequent communications with their audience to establish customer relationships.TRACKING AND PERSONALISED APPROACHES: Many marketing platforms today offer a many tracking options which provide statistics pertinent to our online advertising practises. The knowledge gained from these services can then assist your efforts moving forward and allow us to make better and more informed marketing decisions.For example: A high number of opened mails and links within mail could indicate that audiences are engaging with our market content on a regular basis.IT’S CONVENIENT FOR OUR TARGETED AUDIENCE: The interconnected nature of the internet allows for the advantage of e-marketing to extend our customers too.

It’s particularly unlikely or difficult for someone to pass on the context of a print, radio or television marketing campaigns.MEASURABLE AND WELL-AUTOMATED: When we put an advertisement in the daily paper or a magazine, it can be hard to access the immediate deals and their sales affect for our business. With internet marketing advantages, everything can be followed and tracked through detailed diagrams that delineate activity development, traffic growth, leads and deals transformations from our specific search marketing efforts.

Another powerful benefit of using internet marketing is the power of easy and result-oriented automation. In offline traditional marketing, advertisers need to appoint best hands for different assignments while internet marketing has a superior time-saving opportunity.MAINTAINS A GOOD RELATIONSHIP: It is a typical practice in traditional market to see traders giving their business cards to clients after deals. Most of the times clients on such events, misplaces the cards and it is just when the need emerges again for the same kind of service, they start to think where their card is. While in e-marketing, we can easily get email addresses of both the purchases and the prospects. We may begin follow-up marketing to prospects by means of auto responding email and hence we can establish an effective after sales relationships with our existing purchasers.FASTER GROWTH AND MORE PROFITS: Diversification is vital in highlighting and publicizing our business to prospects.

This implies utilizing numerous variations of e-marketing strategies to reach prospects and gain their confidence. Advantages of e-marketing make such diversification quite easier by doing through different channels like social media marketing etc. DISADVANTAGES OF E-MARKETING:SPAM: Nowadays, ‘spam’ irritates consumers. ‘Spam’ is a common term for bulk distributed emails.

If our messages are not targeted to the right people, the recipient may delete our email or unsubscribe. We need to make sure that our email marketing complies with privacy, data protection rules and that it is properly targeted at people who want to receive it. UNDELIVERED MAILS: Poorly designed emails may not get delivered. Emails that use certain spam keywords in the subject heading or content of the email are likely to be filtered out by email software and internet service providers. If we don’t keep our marketing lists up to date, we will find incorrect email addresses which means our messages won’t reach the right person.


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