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Last updated: March 22, 2019

Donate to BRACBy: EinsteinEven though there are many non-profit organizations, BRAC is one of the most helpful organizations to Rohingya. Many of the Rohingyas have been facing food shortages ,unclean water, and no shelter. Many Rohingya kids have been separated from their parents or they couldn’t find their parents. Rohingyas had been denied to the citizenship of Burma, so they had to leave because of that and Ethnic Cleansing. That’s why the Thai government should help fund the BRAC foundation because they are solving human rights issues with the Rohingyas.All people need food, clean water, and shelter, but the Rohingya doesn’t have those.

According to CBC,”Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh could die due to a lack of food, shelter and water, given the huge numbers fleeing violence in Myanmar, an aid agency warned on Sunday, as authorities began moving people to camps to streamline the distribution of help.” (Reuters) This is why the Rohingya needs our donation and the organization’s help. Another reason why the Thai government should help fund the BRAC foundation is that the Burmese government has denied the rights and citizenship of the Rohingyas. According to New York Times, “Since late August, more than 620,000 Rohingya have fled Myanmar, which is majority Buddhist, for Bangladesh.

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Only about one-third of the Rohingya who lived in Myanmar now remain in the country.” That means that two-thirds of the Rohingya who fled are having a bad life in Bangladesh, that’s when BRAC helps the Rohingya refugees. Many kids are separated from their parents some came to Bangladesh alone or their parents left them. Recently ten of thousands of Rohingyas kids has been left in Myanmar and almost forgotten in squalid camps and isolated villages in Rakhine.

(UN) BRAC can help support the kids who has been forgotten by their parents. Some people may say that there are many other non-profit organizations, that has a better chance of helping the Rohingyas. However, BRAC was rated no.

1 Non-Governmental organization in the world by the NGO and rating of 4 stars on Charity Navigator. Overall BRAC has helped 110,063 farmers to get agriculture, 2520 adolescent girl entrepreneurs have received loans, 164,224 borrowers have received microfinance loans, 63,010 children have received education, 438,178 patients have received healthcare, and community health workers mobilized for Ebola response. In conclusion, BRAC needs our help to help the Rohingyas because they are helping children that have been separated from their parents everyday and health care. BRAC can also give them food and clean water.

They can give them shelter there since they have been denied their citizenship and rights and ethnically cleansed by Burmese people. That’s why the BRAC foundation is the one to donate to. That’s the reason for the Thai governments should help fund the BRAC foundation to help the human rights of the Rohingyas.


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