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Last updated: May 3, 2019

Do we need to update CBSE syllabus?In terms of education, if we are consideringCBSE, which stands for Central Board of Secondary Education where just like any other system in the world has a specified syllabus and ways of teaching.

However, here the concern is that if you have trained teachers who have been teaching the same thing for the past few yearand it has been time that the Education Department have not paid any intense attention to the syllabus. Do we need to revise and change few things in the syllabus that have been taught to the students…aren’t we forgetting to add updated results and shouldn’t we remove the outdated content?• HRD ministry has said it would cut 50% of the syllabus.• A section of experts is of the opinion that this is the best way to make time for sports and other skills and allow students a choice of subjects. • Others believe 40% of the syllabus is obsolete and should be trimmed. ~ Times of IndiaRather than announcing a new national curriculum framework to update the syllabus — the last revision was in 2005— the ministry has said it would cut 50% of the syllabus.

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While the aim of the cut — to make time for sports and other skills and allow students a choice of subjects — is good, experts wonder whether this is the best way to achieve it.”Syllabus review should be based on policies and academic reports and not arbitrary.” ~Professor JankiRajan ~source-Local CirclesIn the past few years, the nation’s rank in terms of education, security, equalityand implementation has really gone down. It is not because of the syllabuswhich has made the things and the nation indifferent but because of the illiteracy and the uneducated people over the roads and the education department, we are living under the government which builds the rules and regulation for the students who have been in the school in completely a different era as compared to what they have been taught and the methods of teaching have changed too.

Therefore the knowledge and the studies that have been reflected in the NCERT books and the syllabus that we teach, it needs to be upgraded if something seems invalid or inappropriate.If new technologies have changed the previous theories ,or history which is not required ,or any new discoveries by the archeology department which is working on certain areas of the related history.Therefore, if we ask a student who is loaded with the pressure of studies trying to figure out what is best for him/her, he/she would probably insist on cutting down on the syllabus or removal of parts which he/she feels has no practical implementation.

The government, well they have other things to cater to.Talking about professionals or the educators, they would know what is best for the students and how much content with what basis should be include/deleted. Hence, concluding… the syllabus should be revised on the regular intervals of 3-5 years!


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