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Last updated: January 15, 2020

DIVERSITY IN HEALTHCARE Instructor: Jayne H WeinbergerName: Jennifer ValdiviezoDate: February 12, 2018Assignment #5Today when people move across continents with the help of technology their culture and heritage moves with them. People from different cultures have a unique view on health and illness.

I had interviewed a close friend and her family from Peru. My friend’s family has some health traditions similar to mines. To maintain a good and balanced health. They have a diet that consists, of rice and beans prepared with lard, tortilla, and corn bread that goes along with every meal of the day.

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Another health tradition or belief they have consists of chicken soup. The soup is given to those people who have a cold to empower the immune system. On the other hand, they have special ritual that protects baby’s health. The baby has to wear a charm made of onyx. This charm is to prevent the baby from getting Evil eye. Evil eyes is caused by a person with a strong eye looking by admiration or jealousy.

It may lead to general discomfort, sleeplessness, or even cause of severe illness to the baby. Furthermore, to restore their health they prefer to use home remedies like garlic uses for hypertension, antibiotic, and cough. Chamomile uses for nausea, colic, and anxiety. Spearmint uses for dyspepsia, flatus, and colic.

Another home remedies is aloe vera uses for external like cut and burns, internal for immune stimulant. They may also consult a folk healer. The insight that I get from the reading and by interviewing my friend’s family is that health tradition is part of one of the world’s leading health system. Spiritual and religious influences play a major role in health, illness, and daily life. ReferenceHow culture influences health beliefs. Online

html/Claudia Medina, MD, MHA, MPH. Belief and traditions that impact the Latino healthcare. Online.


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