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Last updated: June 11, 2019

Distribution strategy of One PlusDistribution strategy is basically a strategy to make the products or services available to the target customers using a supply chain.One plus follows these distribution strategies to be visible to the customers all around the world:Collaborated with Amazon, Air Asia and Ola- In its initial stages, OnePlus only sold its products online through Amazon India via flash sales. With Amazon, OnePlus was able to sell 20000 cellphones in a very short span of time. This mode of marketing also created a sense of buzz among consumers. It also helped Oneplus in producing an optimum quantity of the product to match the demand which was created in the market.

Furthermore, they developed the strategy of providing phones on request for the sake of experience to Air Asia and Ola customers. On the launch of OnePlus X, they strategized a campaign which enabled the customers to buy a OnePlus smartphone via the Ola App and they had the product delivered within 15 minutes.One plus has also decided to expand their offline stores in around ten cities by the end of this year.”We are not going through a traditional offline channel. We will be opening our own stores and focusing on providing experience which should help us increase awareness in those cities,” Vikas Agarwal, General Manager of One Plus said.One Plus debuted its first “experience store” in India in Bengaluru last year and focusses on further expansion into metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and other major cities by the end of this year,They had one more target to complete.

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They wanted to increase their presence at e-retailer Croma stores.”We recently partnered with Croma and are present in over 20 Croma stores. This year, we are going to expand our presence in the entire 100 stores that Croma has across different cities,” the company executive said.

Along with these, One Plus is also planning to set up its exclusive offline service centre network in the country. “We currently have 10 service centres operational and are planning to open more this year”. Company executive said.


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