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Last updated: April 2, 2019

Distribution Channels: American Airlines has different distributions channels wich contribute to delivering the product at the time and to the place consumer’s desire. As we know for the airlines is very important to have airlines offices that help to customer that prefer buy tickets face to face, but also has They have with one of most relevant frequent flier program, AAdvantage , that allow to the customer buy cheap tickets, accommodate miles, and many offers for win the trust and loyalty of their customers.Also exist, the American’s NDC Incentive Program that consists in offer money, approximately $2.

00 USD for the travel agency per flight segment on AA NDC. This program applies to American market flight, using booking and ticketing. Mergers and acquisitions: Everything begins when in 2011 American Airlines goes bankrupt and it is there when it decides to merge with that airline that could possibly help to get out of this problem. Considering the merger with US Airways, the government did not give the authorization, since this new company was considered one of the most giant competitors of the whole market.

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For example, the frequencies would increase, the destinations would be much wider, the fleet would be much more recent; but also bring certain aspects for all external entities; the competition should improve their services to participate in this competition. CITATION Poo l 2058 (Thangavelu)The mergers between companies are given for different reasons, but in the case of American Airlines with US airways, it was a big demand for power and money. Both airlines were going through a major crisis due to the growth that the recently merged companies had been able to achieve and that for them represented a loss of passengers / customers, which in turn, like all businesses, was synonymous with loss of money.Both airlines complemented each other, since each one had its own field, in which it developed favorably, for example, for US Airways it was very easy to manage small cities in the US, while for American Airlines its scope was much more the international reaches, without a doubt, a great team and above all a strong competitor for existing mergers. Officially the long awaited merger occurs in 2013 when they start operating under the name of American Airlines. Recently it does not have an acquisition, since the last one was in 2001 with TWA.


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