Disorder of skeletal system:
There are several types of skeletal disorder. These disorders includes:
Osteoporosis Arthritis
Arthritis has many types; these types includes:
This is a bone disease mostly caused by after the age of 40 or above aged people. The old aged women has mostly victim this disease then other peoples. In osteoporosis disease calcium and phosphorous are removed in bones and the bones density are decreased due to the removal of theses ions the bones are hard.
What are the causes of Osteoporosis?
This disease is caused due to Malnutrition(a condition in which diet include one or more nutrients or to enough nutrients or too much nutrient, that diet cause health problems, like the deficiency of vitamin C, Protein , carbohydrates, minerals and calories. ) Less body activities, less exercise, or to the deficiency of Estrogen Hormone level in females (a hormone that control the reproductive cycle in females, if reproductive hormone is stop in females the level of estrogen in females is very low in decreased state.)
The word arthritis meaning, the inflammation of one or more joints. There are many different types (more then 100) of arthritis, with different types, different causes, and different treatment methods includes. Most common types includes Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis arthritis. This disease show symptoms over time, but they appear suddenly. This disease is most commonly seen in adults after the age of 65, but it can mostly see in adult’s women, teens, and younger adults. This disease is more commonly in overweight women’s then men’s.
Symptoms of arthritis?
Symptoms of arthritis includes pain of joints, hardness of joints (stiffness) swelling of joints is most common, (mostly includes those joints that can hold weight like pectoral or shoulder girdle includes 4 bones, pelvic or hip girdle includes 2 bones) Daily activities or routine work also decrease, the skin is red around the joints, in most people the symptoms of arthritis shown in early in the morning when they get rise. Slight fever, joints are deformity.

Causes of arthritis:
Cartilage is a hard but flexible connective tissue of joints. It saves the joints nodes and provide protection. When we hold weight cartilage provide protection to the joints, cartilage is remove after of age and causes arthritis. An injury to the joints causes breakdown of cartilage tissues and we are risk of developing this disease.

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