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Last updated: March 19, 2019

Discussion The study shows the perception and attitude of undergraduate physiotherapy students towards research .

The research finding will help us to understand the interest of students in research and their intention to participate in research process in future. The purpose of this study is to improve knowledge to practice research in health care system in the final year students of Physiotherapy that will improve health standards and aid to their clinical expertise. This kind of study has not been conducted in our setting. Literature has been reported that there is significant role of research in professional career. A study among medical students of Shifa college of medicine Islamabad showed that research was considered useful for their professional career by 65.

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7% of students, whereas 70% students perceived research as stressful and complex. The first factor we accessed was of research usefulness. Most of the students perceived it valuable for their profession .The second factor was of research anxiety 48.2% of students reported it as stressful, whereas 48.1% students find the research concepts difficult to understand. The third factor was about self-reported knowledge and behavior, 46.

7% students perceived research important to discover news ideas, as it promotes critical thinking and improve patient care. However 42% students personally like to be involved in research in future.Conclusion It is encouraging that majority of the students considered research useful for their profession and had positive attitude towards research, however they find research concepts difficult to understand. They considered it stressful at the same time. Moreover actions from academic settings are needed to improve competence in research practice among clinical practitioners and future research is needed to investigate the effect of such efforts on students’ behaviour.

CHAPTER:7Study LimitationThis study is conducted in one region so the results cannot begeneralized. Further research is required in different regions at differentlevels on a larger sample size.


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