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Last updated: November 29, 2019

« Discussion 1Srikanth CherukuCase Study : ” Creating a Methodology”1 day ago 4 repliesFNU Bommineni Arun Chenna Gaddam Balaji SomaLast 17 hours agoCan a PMO accelerate the implementation process?Yes, PMO is wholly responsible for accelerating the implementation process of all the company’s projects, The idea of the PMO has originated back in 19th century and transformed it to every the need of the generation.

PMO has primary access to the all the domains of work from its creation to execution. like,Defining the standards, methodologies and ProcessesManaging Project DeliveryPortfolio ; Talent ManagementChange Management according to the latest trendsPlanning, Execution and monitoring through out the processKnowledge and Performance ManagementSupport to every aspect mentioned above. PMO helps in achieving the business goals by monitoring each step and each phase of the project to maintain the standards which were defined, In order to have the projects delivered on time, PMO also manages getting the right resources in, the workforce which is needed in every project making sure every resource is equipped with enough tools and latest technologies to make the process smoother. Usually PMO simplies the project by getting the templates and using the stage gates making the first initial phase move to the building phase.

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Every Phase has its important role in using the PMO while considering the recommendations of the resources involved PMO would equally ask to justify the recommendations to enhance the use of the services already in form or either to improve the efficiency. The Current PMO is highly trained in all the business modules following the successful models and also trained in the best practices. Because PMO is considered into confidence by high level management, they have more responsibility than any other department in the organisation, Employees in the PMO who possess highly skilled qualities are mentioned to be among the best employees of the organisation and are involved in the strategic components essentially to improve and encourage the business goals.Thus, The PMO is not simple a segment of the organisation but actually strives for the acceleration of the business goals


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