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Last updated: February 9, 2019

Discrimination against different people could cause a huge influnce on their selves and worthiness. They could find life really ugly and develop depression and trust issues; this may affect them throughout their entire life. A person with low self – respect will always forsake on everything or could not want to do anything because they are scared they won’t be able to do it. Basically here are four types of discrimination, first one is; Direct: it is when someone is told they can’t do something because of their color, sex, religion or race. Second is indirect: this would be removing someone from taking part to practice or make rules, it influence them in a bad way for example displaying photos that only include white people and not multicultural people. Third would be institutional: it occurs when the policies and protocols discriminate against a group or groups of people..

Last one is individual: it is where one person encourages the unfair treatment of another person. Discriminating can lead to bullying that the person can then carry it on into the rest of his life. There are many ways in which people could be discriminated, some of these can include being racist against cultures for example all Muslims and Arabs are terrorists, racism against immigrants. In the Oxford dictionary it says that the unfair or racist treatment of different segments of people, specifically on the grounds of age, sex, or race victims of racial discrimination.

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Male builder/female builder. Black policeman/white policeman. Disabled teacher/non-disabled teacher Each person is an unique and has different life but should all be treated the same by making sure everyone is included in different activities.Racism, whether intentional or otherwise is an illness ailing our society resulting in negative effects.

Therefore, individuals and countries should seek, exclude hypocrisy, and in its place encourage decency that induce people to love each other.


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