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Last updated: March 25, 2019

Discoveries can be traumatic, confronting and shocking. In Gow’s play the character Gwen learns that Vic’s son Tom has terminal cancer and has little time left to live. As a result of this confronting discovery Gwen revaluates her values which are focused on material and realises she needs to appreciate her family and life more.Gwen realises the suffering of others after her conversation with Vic plus the storm. She starts to revaluate her class prejudice plus her “plans”.

She realises her views on the world have led to an unsatisfying life.Gwen’s initial realisation occurs when Vic, who saw a lost woman in Gwen, suggests a walk and uses the inclusive pronoun “us girls” to provide a gentle approach. Walking is used by Gow as a catalyst but also a metaphor for progress and change. The walk up the beach helps Gwen to realise the elements of life are more important than her concerns over wealth and after being unable to take the BEX powder, she is no longer able to find consolation in such simplistic solutions which implies that Gwen has come to the realisation for more sophisticated thinking. The BEX powder is a symbol for Gwen’s attempt to artificially create happiness. “I want to take it and I can’t”.

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Gow has expressed the discovery of Gwen as very confronting yet rewarding


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