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Different types of discriminationUnfair discrimination- This form of discrimination is where you are treated less equally than someone else. Factors that can effect this could be your age, gender, religion, disability or sexual orientation which could lead to being excluded from activities.Direct discrimination- This is a form of discrimination which can be noticeable as someone is offensive or insensitive to their face based on culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability or lifestyle choices in the form of verbal abuse such as in a health care setting cultural backgrounds are very important to people so an organisation not employing you for example of being a gypsie under the misconception that this culture is known for being thieves and someone saying this culture would not be reliable to employ as they travel around is a form of direct discrimination as it is offensive and makes someone of this background devalued and not belonging in the community.Indirect discrimination- This form of discrimination is not considering someone’s ideas and preferences as they are seen as unimportant. Factors that could effect this is gender, religion, disability or sexual orientation.Positive discrimination- This form of discrimination is when someone makes a decision in your favour as you are unable to do it yourself it is still discrimination but it is being doing it in a positive way because of their differences such as speaking a different language, age or a disability an example of this in a health care setting is if someone has a speech disability a care provider makes the decision on what that person eats, activities to take part in and overall care suited to the individuals needs to provide the best care•Stereotyping- This means to have a fixed idea just by a small minority that will have will fit into the categories such as age, religion, sexual orientation, culture. Examples of stereotyping is that older people think that all teenagers are involved in crime and drugs.

Another is that some people assume that male dancers are homosexual.Prejudice- This means having a prejudgment or assumption made about someone or a group of people without the correct knowledge to justify the information. Factors that are commonly related to prejudice can be someone’s gender, race, disability, age, social class, religion or sexual orientation.

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For example people have a view that all homeless people are addicted to drugs when that isn’t the case for most homeless people as other reasons can cause this such as money problems, lack of affordable housing or unemployment.•Labelling- This means is to assume someone belongs to a certain group just by how they look adding them to a category which could lead to people having certain views and stereotypes based on this making someone feel like they have lost their identity some people may even act how other people expect them to behave in such groups for the fear of being judged. An example of labelling could be that people assume that all Muslims are terrorists this judgement is made from what is heard in news stories which can put everyone from this religion into the category What is the human rights act? •Human rights act is the basic rights and freedoms a person has regardless of nationality or citizenship the rules that this act covers is having the right to life, Freedom from torture and inhuman or degrading treatment, Freedom from slavery and forced labour, Right to liberty and security, Right to a fair trial, No punishment without law, Respect for your private and family life, home and correspondence, Freedom of thought, belief and religion, Freedom of expression, Freedom of assembly and association, Right to marry and start a family, Protection from discrimination in respect of these rights and freedoms, Right to peaceful enjoyment of your property, Right to education, Right to participate in free elections, Abolition of the death penalty.

This links to the code of conduct as everyone has to be treated equally as it is illegal to take away anyone’s right no matter what their nationality is and also promotes non-discrimination as everyone is protected to their rights to be included in the community and are protected against any form of discrimination. What is the equality act?It links to equality and diversity so everyone is equal and you are protected from any discrimination from colleagues, businesses and organisations which links to non-discrimination as organisations that promote this make it illegal. So organisations have to make everyone included such as race, gender, sexuality and age to respect people’s values.What is the sex discrimination act? There are many forms of sex discrimination such as direct sex discrimination which can be a company promotes a male worker that has less qualifications and experience as a women, women are demoted when returning from maternity leave. Indirect sex discrimination is a company putting a male or female at a disadvantage such as creating full time work patterns for just that gender.

This act makes it illegal to do so again linking to non -discriminatory practice where everyone has to be treated equally no matter of their gender. Employees now feel greater protected than they used to with this act as it is taken more seriously in appeals for awareness of this legislation. Making an employee feel valued and respectedTask 2 P2- Describe discrimiorty practices Four forms of discrimination that I think have occurred within the summer view care home is direct discrimination which is a form of discrimination which can be noticeable as someone is offensive or insensitive to their face based on culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability or lifestyle choices in the form of verbal abuse. As George said to Wilma that ‘she should get rid of her husband as all black people are time wasters’ this is direct discrimination as he has used his views based of culture to make an assumption about her husband without any proof of this.

Another form of discrimination that has been used is indirect discrimination as George also has made opinions based on her religion to other people describing it as nonsense indirect discrimination is seen as not taking other people’s opinions into account but not saying it to the person. The third form of discrimination is unfair discrimination as George takes control of the remote and has the volume on low this is discrimination to Wilma as she has a hearing impairment and wears a hearing aid this means that she cannot hear in low volumes this makes the environment that she lives in difficult, this form of discrimination is where you are treated less equally than someone else as George isn’t taking into account her hearing impairment. This can link to other forms of discrimination such as racial, religious, 2. Three types of discriminatory practices PositivesNegatives 3. National initiatives promote anti discriminatory practice NMC Code of conduct Compassion in practice 2012Complaints procedure4. four ways staff can promote anti discriminatory practice5.

3 difficulties when promoting anti discriminatory practices 6. justify ways of overcoming difficulties7. detailed assessment of influence of the code of conduct for nursing


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