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Last updated: September 2, 2019

Diamond Mining has many different types of effects on the continent of Africa. It can provide money for the government to build infrastructure, like hospitals, schools, medical treatment and rural clinics. The downsides are that it can be are low wages for miners, low sell value until it is cleaned up and polished and then sold for 5 times its original sale value. I don’t know what I am supposed to say here?Public infrastructure can help many people in Africa. The building of hospital and in medical treatment can vastly improve people in many countries. Governments receive money from people paying taxes. Without taxes, countries would remain poor as there would be no money to improve it. The tax from diamond mining can help if the money is used for the people.

An example of this is that the DeBeers diamond corporation and the Botswana government have decided to work together to improve the living standards in their population. Since then the Botswana’s per capita income of $80 has risen to a middle-class income of $6000 and has built many more roads, hospitals, schools rural clinics and scholarship opportunities.Though diamond mining has a high toll on the environmental aspect like poisoning of river systems and destroying precious farmlands that leads to an economic loss, which increases poverty. Some diamond mines illegally leak poison into river systems. This can cause water poisoning and many illnesses associated with this and many fish living in that river will die and become poisoned.

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This can economically have disastrous effects to fishers that live in the area as it kills the fish that the fishers would catch and sell. Thus, increasing the poverty cycle and malnourishing the community.Blood diamonds is another rarely used term in our English dictionary. It means diamonds used to finance an insurgency. The most common place where blood diamonds were mined is Sierra Leone. This area was used to fuel an insurgency against the government and has lost precious agricultural land that many families were using as a source of money.

Then the local community is forced to mine diamonds to support their family, even children required to do it. These unlucky people must work in unsanitary conditions and often contract severe illness and diseases from it.


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