Diabetes is one of the major health concerns now days. The statistics reveal, continuous rise in mortality and morbidity rates despite of spending huge proportion of country’s annual income. It has been concluded by various studies that the primary care at Community level can help to handle the consequences of this widely spreading disease by considering Practice Nurses (PNs) as the key professionals in this area. A non-experimental cross-sectional study was carried out in a rural area of Mid North Coast of New South Whales, Australia with the focus to predict PNs knowledge as well as intervening variables regarding Diabetes care and management by administering a questionnaire.
The study findings report, majority of the PNs exhibited good knowledge on most of the key areas with an exception of medical management (54%). The previous exposure of diabetes education and experience were the significant variables that affect the overall knowledge scores of PNs. Kenealy et al. (2004) reports, “PNs in New Zealand with post registration experience in diabetes believed that they could make a bigger difference to the quality of life of their clients with diabetes.” Hence, the study consolidates the need for continuous in-service education among PNs to improve the self- management of Diabetic clients.


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