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DEVELOPMENT OF SENIOR AND JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL AUTOMATED REGISTRATION AND ENROLMENT SYSTEM: BASIS FOR EFFECTIVE SCHOOL RECORDS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AT MAKATI HIGH SCHOOL CHAPTER IPRELIMINARY STUDYI. IntroductionNowadays, the use of technology specifically computer has become a necessity to all sectors especially to the education sector. In school, before the class starts, students are required to register and enrol.

Majority of the government schools still do not adapt the use of technology. Different forms are still done on paper to make any communications in school premises. We all know that school are operating at a great bound struggling to serve as many students as possible with the best of their abilities. But as the years goes by, the number of students has grown especially Senior High School were being added in the curriculum wherein the manual or traditional process of managing students’ record is no longer practical. Currently, the student registration and enrolment system in high school runs manually with extensive human involvement. Paper-based forms are provided for students to write their registration and enrolment information with four copies (one each for Guidance, Accounting, Adviser and Student). Guidance Counsellors will verify student’s information through the requirements submitted by the student. During this process, the Guidance Counsellors encounters several problems that make the entire process inconvenient and time consuming for the students, parents or guardians, and school administrators as well.

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Since issues are addressed via different means, the data per se is not centralized resulting to confusion, unattended duplication or redundant information, and even missed or lost information. The school administrators, division and regional personnel are usually deals with enquiries and even complaints concerning the Guidance Counsellor’s operations and services. The manner in which they responds to these desires for information is deemed very important in the image not only of the Guidance but also of the entire school. This is the reason why the school needs to embark on a school record management system, but also to ensure that they are ready to respond to the changing needs of the society 1. Through this platform, the Computer department will be able to respond to the issues raised by the school administrators, division, and regional personnel on a more organized, timely and accurate manner.

These enquiries may occasionally include services which could be directly translated into profits for the school. Records Management system (RMS) is the management of records for an organization throughout the records-life cycle. The activities in this management include the systematic and efficient control of the creation, maintenance, and destruction of the records along with the business transactions associated with them. Considered a key component of operational efficiency, record management adds more value to organization’s information assets. 2 It helps school managers to systematically collect, store and analyse information about their school so they have relevant and reliable information readily available to support decisions they make in running the school. 3.

School that systematically maintain and use school records, both quantity and quality of data will improve schools planning and managing education system. Moreover, it is necessary to reorganized management and distribute accountability throughout the school system to improve data and information management in schools and better cooperation of the stakeholders. The main goal of the study is to develop an automated registration and enrolment system.

A system that is computerized, user-friendly, time efficient and effective. The said computerized system will manage student records, lessen all paper works and manual records keeping, retrieving, and updating, increase productivity and accountability in the school, reduce in research for the right information, save resources from time consuming research for data retrieval, eliminate redundant data, reduce operating cost, minimize litigation risks, protect and secure vital information, and provide easy and better access to relevant records. Printing of registration and enrolment will be done only if needed. Therefore, the system will serve the following stakeholders: students, parents or guardians, guidance counsellors, school administrators, teachers to ease in keeping tracks of students, reducing students’ paper forms, avoiding long queues, waiting time and increasing the number of students. II. Methodology The researcher utilized the System Architecture Methodology as shown in Figure 1. ? INPUT PROCESS OUTPUTFigure 1. Input-Process-Output Diagram for the Development of Senior and Junior High School Automated Registration and Enrolment System Ultimately, the initiation of the project would not have been possible without identifying the project requirements such as hardware, software, knowledge and actual data.

These requirements are vital in the development of the project. The details are presented in the succeeding discussion.INPUT The following identifies the input in the systems development approach. Inputs include Hardware, Software, and Knowledge requirements.

Hardware Requirements The development of the actual prototype required the following hardware resources:Table 1. Hardware Requirements for the Development of Senior and Junior High School Automated Registration and Enrolment SystemDescription Minimum RecommendedHard Disk Space 80GB Disk Space 250GB Disk Space or HigherRAM 1GB RAM 2GB or HigherProcessor 1.8Ghz 2.9Ghz or Higher A development PC with the specifications described in Table 1 was the main tool for the development project. The required disk space corresponds to the needed space to install necessary applications as well as the actual files which were used by the developed system itself. In addition, in order to test the interface design and functionality of the prototype, Laptop and PC were used. Software RequirementsTable 2. Software Requirements for the Development of Senior and Junior High School Automated Registration and Enrolment SystemDescription Minimum RecommendedDatabase Management MySQL MySQLProgramming Language Java JavaMS Office Application MS Excel MS Excel The set of software which was installed in the hardware requirements are listed in Table 2.

Primarily, the entire development platform was composed of following tools that conform the program required for integration and implementation purposes: (1) Java is a computer programming language. It enables programmers to write computer instructions using English-based commands instead of having to write in numeric codes. It’s known as a high-level language because it can be read and written easily by humans.

4. (2) MySQL is a freely available open source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that uses Structured Query Language (SQL). SQL is the most popular language for adding, accessing and managing content in a database. It is most noted for its quick processing, proven reliability, ease and flexibility of use. MySQL runs on virtually all platforms, including Linux, UNIX and Windows 5. (3) Ms Excel is one of the MS Office Application.

It is used to generate automated report. You can create excel sheet via java code using apache poi library classes like HSSFSheet, HSSFRow. 6.Knowledge Requirements In this research, more focus should be given to the system development, aiming at grasping the requirements of the prospective system, both in terms of the student and schools perspectives. It is frequently stated that appropriate information on students and schools, subjects to be taken, selected tracks and strands, students and parents’ orientation on registration and enrolment system, enable correct analysis and design of complex systems.

The research and developer must be knowledgeable about the nature of the data, its structure, its relationship to other data and its purpose. The data were used in the development of the automated registration and enrolment system, designing appropriate interfaces and testing and evaluation stage. Thus, similar but actual data were used in different stages.

PROCESS The process box in the conceptual model refers to the actual creation of the Senior and Junior High School Automated Registration and Enrolment System. In the process, the researcher used the inputs indicated in Figure 1 in developing the project and aligning it with the research objective. Aside from creation of the actual system, processing also involved the reorganization of data into more complex, structures during subsequent processing.

Analysis design, development and testing were the cone processors that led to the completion to the project. Implementation and Evaluation After producing the prototype, it was implemented in the actual test environment. Thereafter, it was evaluated by different sets of end users. Each evaluation process required feedback from the system evaluators. These inputs were then assessed and evaluated to determine whether or not these have to be modified or applied to the working prototype. The inputs were found to be feasible. Since the inputs made the project more efficient and useful, they were used to reengineer the prototype.SCOPE AND LIMITATION OF THE STUDY The Senior and Junior High School Automated Registration and Enrolment System aims to computerize the overall process of registration and enrolment for services from the Guidance and IT Department, monitoring the status of data or information, and all other pertinent processes and transactions.

To attain the said objectives, the project required several information that constituted the totality of the system. These subsystems are classified into User Configuration and System Configuration. This study focused on the design and development of an automated registration and enrolment system from junior to senior high school students at Makati High School, Makati City. The time they are registered until they finished the enrolment.The proposed system is intended to accept personal background of the students. The system generates reports such as enrolment forms of students, like distribution of students through barangays, tracks, strands, barangay, gender, and age. The system was based in a local area network wherein it enables an electronic database to store registration and enrolment information of students and classify it accordingly at the server.

Computer server, located at Guidance Office, will be managed by the Guidance Counsellors or assigned enrolling officers. All information entered by the old, new and transferred students will be managed here. There will also a backup files which all recorded information being registered and enrolled by the students in the database will be copied and duplicated for any unavoidable destruction of files might occur in the future.

The proposed automated registration and enrolment were purely for registration and enrolment only. It is not designed to support grading system and ID system. This study is limited only on the information provided by the Makati High School.

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