Development aid was established as instrument after World War II with pure economic aims to help progress of the third world countries. The intentions were to assist states in industrialization process, support economical changes and to reduce poverty level. Later, the process of aid delivery was conceptualized as development cooperation. The concept of development aid involved through years and from one-issue aid projects with concrete results turned into instrument to promote different changes at policy levels in aid receipt countries (Kingsbury, McKay, Hunt, McGillivray, Clarke, 2016, p.22-25, 41-42) .
The current system of development aid starts (Official development aid) after world war II and often referred to Marshall plan, Truman doctrine (Kingsbury, McKay, Hunt, McGillivray, Clarke , 2016, p.53, 92-95. Tarp et. all, 2000, p.17-19 ). The concepts of development and its implications till 1990s were focused on economic growth as main instrument for developing the country and with the purpose to reduce poverty in developing world (Tarp et. all, p.46) .


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