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Developing a test is not an easy task; it requires a lot of effort and time. Test development is a step by step process which eventually leads toward a good test. Test development involves identification of learning objectives, choosing the appropriate test format, developing the table of specification, designing and aligning the test items but a major car is needed while presenting the assembled test to the learners. For this purpose test administration is necessary and if the test is not properly administered than its effectiveness and the main reason will be wasted. While administration of test certain issues may arise.
Issues in test administration:
Following issues can arise during the administration of the test.
If a test is not properly administered or develop than the chances of the cheating may increase.
Poor testing condition:
Poor testing condition means that the environment is not suitable for the testing. This issue can have an effect on the testing process.
Poor physical conditions:
Poor physical conditions like no proper seating furniture, temperature, lighting, size of the center according to student ratio this all has an adverse effect in achieving the set goal.
Test anxiety:
Before giving test student can feel stress and anxiety. This issue can negatively impact on achieving the desired result.
Errors in scoring procedure:
We cannot achieve the desired results until we develop a proper scoring mechanism.
Coping up with test administration issues:
If we want to achieve the targeted results then it is necessary that we should resolve the test administration issues because if the issues are not resolved then it is impossible to get the valid and reliable results and all the efforts will be wasted. We can handle all the things by proper planning.
While developing and administrating a test, make sure that no clues should be left that can aid in cheating. There should be a proper seating arrangement so that the students cannot exchange information. Communicate the rules, regulations and consequences in the case of cheating.
Physical conditions:
Proper planning is needed before conduction of a test. Poor physical conditions can negatively impact on the intended goal. The poor physical condition involves no proper seating arrangement, lack of basic facilities, overcrowded room, too hot or too cold temperature of the exam center. All these issues can be resolved through proper planning.
Poor testing conditions:
Poor testing conditions may include disorganized staff, mistiming in the start and end time of a test, noise that can distract the examinee, no visible clock on the wall. All these issues can be addressed by proper management. take necessary measures to reduce the distracting noises. Set clock on the front wall or give time warnings after short intervals.
Test anxiety:
Before giving a test a student may face a stressful condition. This would have a negative impact on his performance. So it is the responsibility of the teacher to mentally prepare the student and guide them to show a positive attitude towards the test.
Error in the scoring procedure:
When we conduct a test than error in the scoring procedure is another issue that stops us to achieve the desired results. This issue can be resolve by introducing a proper and organized scoring mechanism.
Q2. What is the procedure of test packing? Explain in your own words.
The task of test development requires a lot of effort. From developing to presenting the test to the students consists of a step by step process. Sometimes the test is developed in multiple forms which need to be assembled. Usually, test assembling has two steps. One is recoding of items and the second is packing of the test.
Test packing:
After developing the test items according to the instructional objectives next step is to pack the test items.
The procedure of packing the test items consists of 10 steps. Which are following?
Grouping of similar format items:
When we develop a test we may choose questions of different formats, like MCQ questions, matching columns, and short questions or true-false from different chapters. So while arranging and packing the test it should be mandatory that we should make the groups of questions having the same format with relevant instructions. Like question 1 consists of all MCQs, question 2 consists of true-false; question 3 consists of short questions. In this way, it will be convenient for the students and it will save the response time of students.
The arrangement of items:
The 2nd step in packing the test items is the arrangement of test items. While arranging the test items teachers should keep this in mind that some students face stressful conditions before giving the test. So the test should be arranged from easy to tough questions so that the students have a good start. It could also be beneficial for weak students as they can solve easy questions quickly and more time will be left for tough questions.
Adequate spacing:
While packing the test items this should be kept in mind that you use the font size that could be easily readable. There should be sufficient space for writing answers so that the students cannot confront with any kind of adversity.
Keep items and options on the same page:
While packing the test, make sure that the test items and their relevant options should be on the same page. Like in matching column or in multiple choice questions the statement and their options should be on the same page. The benefit of keeping the items and responses on the same page is that it would be easier for the examinee to read and there would be less chance of any error and definitely it will reduce the cognitive burden on the examinee.
Position illustration near description:
Sometimes when graph, diagram or any kind of comprehension paragraphs are given in test we can make a mistake in its formatting. The correct format is that the diagram, graph, comprehension paragraph and their relevant questions should be on the same page so that the students can easily read and answer the question.
Random of answer keys:
While arranging the test items in the test keep in mind that the correct options should be random. The response keys should not make any pattern. For example, in multiple- choice questions, there are generally 4 options while arranging items make sure that the all correct keys should not be same, like if there are 12 items then the first 4 questions have option (b) as a correct answer next 4 questions have option (c) as a correct answer. This should be avoided in order to reduce the uncertainty and probability of speculation.
Student response recording:
After arranging test items write clear instructions about the recording of student’s response. Sometimes teachers cannot give a clear instruction which leads to the confusion. So make sure that the instructions should be written at the top of the test so that there should be conformity among the pattern of responses of the test taker.
Space for student details:
While packing the test, leave space for the students’ necessary detail on the front page. This space is usually left at the top of the front page. Necessary detail may contain the student’s name, father’s name or roll no. the disadvantage of non-leaving the space for student detail is that some students may forget to write their name or some may write their name at different pages which may cause problems in result making.
Proofreading of test:
Proofreading is an important step in test packing. It is requisite that the teacher should carefully read the test for any alignment, mistakes, repetition or misprinting issues. If a rechecking is not done than it is possible that some mistakes may left which could have an unpleasant impact on the test-taker.
Test direction:
Test direction is a significant part of a test. It should be necessary to give relevant instructions because if a teacher cannot writ any instructions regarding the attempting of paper than it can cause confusion in students and a waste of time. So it is salient to add general instructions and total marks at the top of the test and specific instructions and marks rubric according to the distinct section of questions. Through test direction, the student can understand the expectations of the teacher and he will be in a better position to organize the time duration.


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