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Last updated: February 2, 2019

Desired value• High level of safety• An integrated communication system which makes Bike riding comfortableThe business delivers the above two desired values. The most important value delivered is high safety. The target customers are high speed bikers riding high end motorcycles.

These will be typically biking enthusiasts who will be riding long distance and through different types of terrains. Safety will be of prime most concern considering the heterogeneous traffic and poor compliance to traffic rules, especially on highways.It is also seen that bikers are known to move in groups or participate in rallies.

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A group of bikers always finds it a hassle to communicate with each other. Lot of the time can be saved, if bikers can coordinate and drive without having to stop. Another concern for bikers is the weather conditions which may require them to be cautious or even halt temporarily. An integrated system, which gives weather information, best routes or even tips from fellow bikers can go a long way in making biking a pleasant experience.

Perceived value• Easy to maintain• Easy to service and upgrade• Easy to repair and get spare partsThe perceived values seen by the customer are mentioned above. The most important feature of this helmet will be that it is easy to maintain. All serviceable parts will be DIY (Do It Yourself) with demos available at the company website. Since communication technology changes rapidly, the company offers free upgrades of all communication modules for first 2 years. Most of the software upgrades will be pushed through wireless module. Any hardware upgrade or repairs will be managed seamlessly, when the bikers give their bikes for servicing. When the bikes are not available during servicing, it is likely that the helmet will also be not in use.

This is the ideal time to upgrade as the biker will not feel any downtime. All this will be coordinated with servicing center when a prior appointment is taken by biker for servicing. The registration number of biker will help identify the helmet model so that servicing and spare parts readiness can be ensured.


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